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Our Mission is:
To provide accurate unbiased business finance information.

To accomplish this we:
  • Categorized the funding criteria of over 4,000 sources of business capital.
  • Let you easily match your need to exactly what funding sources have to offer.'s history (founder's note):

In 1990 my business was financed by two Savings & Loans. I believed I was safe in my business finance needs. I was wrong. Both S&Ls were seized by Federal regulators in the same week. In an instant all my business financing was gone. The search for new financing began with every bank in town. My business was established and successful, they should help right? Wrong. Why? Because they didn't do the type of financing I needed.

Then I went to the library to try and find reference material on business financing. The limited material that existing was indexed too broadly, out of date, or designed only for multi-million dollar deals. What about my small business? Nothing existed.

Next, I went to financial trade associations who had lists of their members, but no way to find how what exactly they would finance.

I contacted over 300 hundred funding sources who were not willing to help. They all didn't do the type of financing that I needed. The calls were a waste of their time and mine.

It took four months to find one (1) funding source that would help me. My business was in California and they were in Chicago. Who knew I would have to look so far away. Unfortunately it was too late and my business went under. But worse, because I had "personally guaranteed" $500,000 in prior business debt I was forced into personal bankruptcy.

Fortunately during the search for financing I had asked, "If you won't fund my deal, what will you fund?". In 1991 that small database of what funding sources "would fund" I used to begin helping other businesses find the funding they needed. In 1995 that database was put on the Internet as "America's Business Funding Directory".

Today our database has grown to over 4,000 sources of business capital and you can simply enter what you need and up they come. But we don't waste your time so if you tell us that you have a fico score of 560 and they require a 680 you won't see them. The same is true for all their funding criteria, so you will only see those funding sources that your data matches.

The last piece of the puzzle is separating your business credit from your personal credit so that you won't have to personally guarantee every business loan like I did. We can help you do that in 90 to 120 days with our Business Finance Coach.

We are here to serve you. We hope you take advantage of it.

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