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Being an entrepreneur is very hard and it means that you are willing to take the risks that most people won’t. Developing a business, requesting funding from strangers, and facing rejection makes it even harder. Funding your business is a science and not guess work. Are you ready?

My experience with business funding began with my own company during the S&L collapses of the late 1980’s. My business was financed by two savings and loans that both were seized by federal regulators within seven days of each other. In a desperate search to replace the funding that I had lost, I discovered hundreds of funding sources that weren’t willing to help me. After more than 300 contacts, I finally found one funding source that offered what I needed. Unfortunately it had taken me over 120 days and it was too late to save my business. The $500,000 in company debt that I had personally guaranteed then forced me into bankruptcy.

Shortly thereafter I was asked to help find capital for a friend’s company. Fortunately, during my own frantic search for funding I had kept very good records of those 300 funding sources who had told me NO. I had asked each of them, "If you won’t fund my deal, what will you fund?" This became my first database of funding sources. Using that data along with the funding request knowledge I had acquired in my own failed attempts, I successfully found $100,000 for them.

Since that time my information has provided hundreds of millions of dollars for all types of businesses and my funding source database has grown to more than 4,000 sources.

I founded in 1995 and today it sees more than 10,000 requests for business capital each month. I am constantly amazed at the number of creative ways that entrepreneurs come up with for making money. I have written and give away these books:

to make the process of finding capital easier for as many of you as I possibly can and to help you avoid the horrible trials I went through. Try to find business funding totally on your own and you will most likely fail. It is my strongest desire that you use these books to achieve your goals, create jobs, and be successful. I implore you to read and study each of these books and then seek out the help that your business so greatly needs and deserves. Don’t go it alone!

I will close by saying that while you are out there becoming rich and famous (or poor and infamous) remember there is much more to life than just making money. Be sure to focus on what is important; family, friends, relationships, and love of God, for without these things a man is truly poor no matter how much money he has.

Feel free to contact me if you need more help,

Corey Pierce, Founder and CEO
4eStrategy LLC, dba

"Life is what happens while you’re making other plans,
so remember to have a life while making your big plans."



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Search for Small Business Loan Sources and receive your matched lender listSearch for Small Business Loan Sources