Angel private investors are typically successful entrepreneurs that consist of ex CEO’s and business owners. These investors offer expertise, experience, and contacts that can be invaluable to the new venture. Although there are many angel investors across the country, they can be difficult to find.

What to Know:

Despite the relative obscurity of angels, it takes much less time, on average, to meet with and receive funds from a private investor than a venture capital firm. The due diligence (investigation of a companies principals and background) is less involved with an angel investor, and angels typically expect a lower rate of return. Unlike venture capitalists, angel private investors are willing to wait for longer periods of time before receiving their return on investment. Angel private investors are mostly concerned with the success of the business and are willing to do what it takes to see the business grow and succeed. Instead of requesting a large share of ownership in the company being funded, angel private investors usually will want to have an active role in the management of the company and use their experience to get the business off the ground.

Finding an Angel:

A number of formal sources have developed, including placement agents who can be hired, but this is a more expensive route. Let us help you find your angel.

Just tell us a little about your business and we will give you a list of lenders you are able to contact. You can also wait for them to contact you, but we recommend the proactive approach. You will only be given lenders whose criteria you match 100% so no more wasting your time with funding sources who you are unable to qualify with.