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What do you feel are your main strengths?

What do you feel are your more serious weaknesses?

How do you think someone else might answer the above two questions about you?

What talents do you possess and in what situations have you been able to use them?

How would you personally define the idea of having a job or being employed?

Now, things are already starting to make sense or you are beginning to have doubts.

Either way, listen to your feelings and trust yourself. In the end, these are only tools for you to use in your evaluation process, nothing more and nothing less.

Know Yourself
Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It takes a special talent. Some owners of small businesses have it and some don’t. Before you invest time, energy, money and a piece of your heart, it’s important to do some serious self-analysis. To answer such questions as: Am I prepared to work hard and make sacrifices? Am I self-disciplined? Do I have management ability? Am I experienced enough in this field? What do I want out of life? Are my goals realistic and attainable?

Studies have shown that entrepreneurs are persevering and not easily defeated. They thrive in a challenging environment and have a tremendous need to be in control. They turn diversity into opportunity. They are risk takers. They welcome responsibility, and they are willing and able to make decisions.

Moreover, successful entrepreneurs are patient and able to wait out the sometimes slow beginnings of a business. They also are able to learn from their mistakes, trust their own judgment and have an optimistic outlook.

Take a good look. Do those traits describe you? "Know yourself and be willing to work 60 hours a week. Starting a business is one of life’s biggest commitments.

It’s obvious: you have to love your work. And if you choose a business that meshes with your personality (the answers to the above questions should tell you about your personality), those extra hours spent won’t be as difficult. The key is to identify what you enjoy doing the most and then find a business opportunity that makes use of your skills and interests.



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Search for Small Business Loan Sources and receive your matched lender listSearch for Small Business Loan Sources