Business capital is money that is used for the investment in a project or company. Business capital is the backbone for success in any business. If a business has easy access to business capital then that company has a great advantage in the business world. One of the most popular ways to obtain capital would be through a bank. Banks generally provide good terms for their borrowers but it is nearly impossible to get a bank loan unless your business credit and track record is impeccable.

Luckily there are many different alternative sources to business capital. The fact that there are so many thousands of alternative funding solutions makes some business owners feel like it is an impossible task to find the right lender for their business. It is a very diffucult task to find the right lender if you dont have someone to help. We can make the process of finding business funding much easier and, more importantly, much faster.

We have categorized the investing criteria of over 4000 different lenders. When you run a search for business capital in our funding source directory, you are given a list of lenders whom you are matched with. You only get matched with a lender if you match their criteria 100% and vice versa. No more wasting time with lenders whom you cannot qualify with.