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The reasons businesses don’t find funding are . . .

  • They don’t know which funding sources offer what they need.
  • They don’t know how to pre-qualify themselves before they apply.

So how do you successfully fund your business? You must . . .

  • Know the funding source’s exact criteria for approval before you apply.

Is all that possible? Yes! has developed a funding pre-qualification system. This system allows you to see the programs you pre-qualify for right now and where you need to improve to pre-qualify for more in the future.

Finding business funding is an exact science and not something you "just do" whenever the need arises. It usually requires extensive research before even submitting your first application.

After just three (3) failed applications, all other funding sources will reject your deal because they will think there is something wrong with it. By submitting multiple failed applications, you will damage your personal credit and may destroy your ability to receive business funding.

I want to give you some insight into why exists. My experience with business funding began with my own company during the Savings & Loan collapses of the 1980’s. My business was financed by two savings and loans that were both seized by Federal regulators within seven days of each other.

In a desperate search to replace the lost funding, I discovered hundreds of funding sources that weren’t willing to help me. I contacted more than three-hundred (300) funding sources to finally find one (1) that would help me. Unfortunately, it had taken me over 120 days and it was too late to save my business. The $500,000 in company debt that I had personally guaranteed forced me into bankruptcy and I lost everything.

Shortly thereafter I was asked to help find capital for a friend’s company. Fortunately, during my own frantic search for funding, I had kept very good records of those three-hundred funding sources who had told me NO. I had asked each of them, "If you won’t fund my deal, what will you fund?" This became my first funding source database. With that data and the knowledge I had acquired in my own attempts, I was able to find $100,000 for my friend.

In 1995, I founded Today, sees more than 10,000 requests for business capital each month. We have provided hundreds of millions of dollars for all types of businesses, just like yours.

In order to better help you, I have written the following booklets (Available FREE on

My goal is to make the process of funding your business easier for as many of you as possible. My hope is that you will get the help you need and avoid the horrible trials that I went through.



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Search for Small Business Loan Sources and receive your matched lender listSearch for Small Business Loan Sources