Business loans with bad credit can be a very difficult thing. Difficult, but not impossible.

If your personal credit scores are below 640 you are going to need excellent business credit scores to get approved for business loans. Lenders look at the risk involved in making your loan and that is going to be determined according to your credit history. Unfortunately individuals with a history of bad credit are more likely to have late payment and/or to default entirely.

Banks won’t even think about lending to a person with bad credit, so don’t apply there. But there are many institutions that may approve your business loan with bad credit application. Some lenders actually specialize in bad credit loans. These lenders will consider making loans that are sub-standard by most banking criteria.

Due to the fact that these lenders will make these higher risk loans, they therefore tend to charge substantially higher interest rates. Even though these lenders will consider making business loans with bad credit they each have their own unique lending criteria.

Some business loans with bad credit lenders will require substantial collateral, others will want to tie up your receivables, others will want to see that your business has excellent credit and can prove it can debt service the loan, still others will blanket lien all your business and personal assets.