Commercial building loans are available for virtually all types of income-producing and commercial properties. They are typically very large and long term loans that can be difficult to qualify for at a bank. Banks generally only lend to businesses with immaculate track records and even better credit scores. If you business is fairly new, or has less than perfect credit, you will not be able to get funding from a bank. Luckily there are other sources of funding out there to choose from.

Typical loans include:

  • Loans on commercial real estate and business loans that are collateralized with real estate.
  • Long-term permanent fixed rate financing
  • Business acquisition loans and loans to expand or improve your existing business.
  • Loans to refinance existing debt.
  • Both conventional and government guaranteed loans.
  • Up to 80% LTV, 30 year amortization, based on US Treasury plus spread.

Funding sources in our directory will finance: Shopping centers; Motels and apartments; Office buildings; Automobile dealerships; Health care facilities; Day care centers; Owner occupied buildings; Manufacturing facilities and more.

We have compiled a database of over 4000 lenders and categorized the lending criteria of each one. When you run a capital search with us, you will be given a list of lenders whose criteria you match. We only give you 100% matches so you won’t have to waste your time talking to funding sources that you cannot qualify with.