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 " knows where The Money is"

Connecting entrepreneurs who are searching for capital, directly to Funding Sources with capital available to place. That’s really the whole point, isn’t it? matches your specific funding request with the lending or investing criteria of Funding Sources who have capital to place. Don’t waste your valuable time talking to sources that can’t help you. Get your request in front of those Funding Sources that are pre-qualified to match your specific funding request.

At the time of this edition (June 2003) had categorized the lending and investing criteria of more than 4,000 funding sources nationwide. has categorized sources for:

Commercial Finance (781 Sources)
Commercial Lending is normally renewable short term loans to finance the working capital needs of a business. Qualifying for this type of capital typically involves the pledging of some form of asset, like equipment or receivables.

Investment Banks (142 Sources)
Many sources for Investment in you business. If you are searching for equity capital or some type of offering, it can be found in the directory.

Equipment Finance (633 Sources)
Is equipment acquisition a major part of your need for business capital? All the equipment finance and leasing sources you will ever need are in the directory.

Government Loans (590 Sources)
Our Government is one of the major sources of small business capital. We have listed those Funding Sources that are outlets for U.S. Government programs.

Commercial Real Estate Finance (475 Sources)
Need Funding for a Real Estate project? You can find Funding Sources for every type of real estate project under the sun.

Venture Capital (1,062 Sources)
Investments are normally starting at $250,000 and placed in industries and businesses that exhibit more than $25 Million gross annual revenue potential.

And a variety of non-categorized funding sources such as sources for unsecured lines of credit, asset sale and leasebacks, operational leases that can include set-up, software, installation, and training fees. And many more.

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Search for Small Business Loan Sources and receive your matched lender listSearch for Small Business Loan Sources