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The reasons businesses can’t find funding are:

  • They don’t know where to look for the "right" funding source.
  • They don’t know how to pre-qualify before they apply.
  • They don’t know how to successfully present their request.
  • They don’t know that "miss just one thing" and they will hear NO.
  • They don’t know that "shot gunning" will kill their chances.

Shot Gunning will kill even a great deal, and here is why!

"Shot Gunning" is sending your deal to multiple lenders at the same time without pre-qualifying before you apply. Some lenders say "NO" because they don’t do the type of funding you want or your deal doesn’t meet their exact funding criteria. The rest say "NO", even though they would have done your deal, because no lender wants to be third, fourth, or fifth in line.

So how do you successfully fund your business? You must . . .

  • Know every funding source’s exact criteria for providing funding.
  • Have a system that allows you to pre-qualify before you apply.
  • Know what your request needs to have in it and what it "doesn’t".
  • Be able to apply with multiple sources without "Shot Gunning".

Is all that possible? Yes! has categorized the funding criteria of more than 4,000 sources of business capital. They have developed an underwriting system that allows you to see exactly which programs that you pre-qualify for right now and where you need to improve to pre-qualify for others in the future. The system takes all the guesswork out of funding your business.

Finding business funding is an exact science and not something you just do in your spare time. If you decide not to use the services of to help insure your success, then I strongly recommend that you do your research before you submit your first application. After just three (3) failed applications, all other funding sources will not want to do your deal because they will think there is something wrong with it. By submitting multiple failed applications, you will damage your credit and may destroy your ability to ever receive business funding.

So now it is decision time for you. will pre-qualify you before you apply for free or you can apply everywhere on your own and be a real danger to yourself. So the choice is yours, ignore all the warnings and go it alone, or use and get all the help you need.

"The man who believes he needs help from no one,
quickly learns he has a fool for a partner."


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Search for Small Business Loan Sources and receive your matched lender listSearch for Small Business Loan Sources