Fixed rate commercial mortgage makes budgeting and planning easier for your business.

Fixed rate commercial mortgage products are mortgages that have a fixed interest rate and payment for the full term of the loan. These loans make it easier to budget, especially over the long term, and offer stability across an ever-fluctuating market.

It is vital for businesses to know their exact costs each year, and the mortgage rates can be fluctuating on a yearly basis, so a business could easily end up paying higher interest within a few years on their loans.

Typical properties include: Multi-family, anchored, unanchored retail, full and limited service hotels, offices, light-industrial, self-storage, and senior housing.

Term: Typically 5 to 20 year maturities.

Rate: Interest rates set at spreads usually ranging from 150 to 275 basis points over corresponding Treasuries, depending on property type and underwriting criteria.

Loan to Value: Subject to underwriting criteria, generally up to 80% LTV.

Additional features such as: Prepayment, assumption, liability and amortization will be thoroughly explained once you’ve contacted a lending representative from your free matched list of funding sources.

Approach a commercial mortgage lender in the same manner that you would approach a regular lender if you are in need of financing for other business objectives such as the purchase of equipment or marketing. Have a plan and know how to present your business to the lenders, and you will be well on your way to potentially securing a fixed rate commercial mortgage.

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