Build Business Credit The Fastest Possible Way

Build Business Credit The Fastest Possible Way


Wells Fargo Bank on Separating Personal and Business Finances...

"The longer you delay establishing business credit,
the longer you delay taking advantage of business loans."

 Your business has all 20 vital lender requirements completed.
Your business must have everything setup the way lenders require. There are 20 items that lenders verify before checking your business credit. The Business Finance Coach makes sure you have them completed before you apply.

 You are properly set up with all 3 business credit agencies, for free.
Your business must have active files with all three national business credit reporting agencies. It is more complicated than personal credit. One agency will try to charge you $300-$800 to open and "activate" your business credit profile. Please don't pay it! You will be able to get it done for free.

 Your business gets 5 reporting vendor lines of credit.
Your business must have 5 vendor lines of credit that all report to the business credit agencies. There are over 500,000 vendors extending credit, but only 6,000 that are reporting payment histories to the business credit agencies. There's no point in having vendor credit lines if they don't report to the national reporting agencies.

 Your business gets 3 reporting business credit cards.
Your business must have 3 business credit cards that are not tied to you personally. There are over 500 business credit cards, but less than 40 that will issue a business card without using your social security number. You will know exactly what it takes to qualify for each business credit card before you apply.

 You obtain a reporting bank loan that is critical to your business credit.
Your business must have 1 bank loan that is reporting nationally. There are 5,061 business lending banks, but less than 400 banks that are reporting. You'll know how to get a business loan from a bank that reports.

 You have access to business funding programs for immediate working capital.
Your business needs access to cash now. Inside The Business Finance Coach there are small business funding programs, at least one of which is available to almost every business.
Your Business Must Have 3 Separate Business Credit Reports with:

Experian           Equifax           Dun and Bradstreet