Business Finance Site Map

Business Finance Site Map

Agricultural Loan

Air Conditioning/Heating Loan

Aircraft Loan

Asset Financing
Asset Financing - What is asset financing? What are some reasons to consider asset based financing for capital? Learn different things asset based loans can do for you.

ATM Machine Loan
ATM Machine Loan - Learn how to get financing for establishing an ATM Machine.

Automobile Wreckers Loan
Automobile Wreckers Loan - Obtain an automobile wreckers loan today, and start your business.

Automotive Electric Loan

Automotive General Loan

Automotive Repair Loan

Bakery Loan

Baling Loan

Bank Rate
Bank Rate - How can you get the best bank rate possible for your business financing needs? Why is it so simple to establish business credit so your personal bank rate is not affected?

Bankruptcy Reorganization Financing
Bankruptcy Reorganization Financing - Bankruptcy reorganization financing may be your solution if a poor performance history has brought you to consider possible turnaround financing. What are three main factors a potential investor will look at?

Beauty Salon Loan

Blueprinting Loan

Bookbinding Loan

Bowling Lane Loan

Broker Business Loans
Broker Business Loans - What if you could have instant access to multiple business funding programs/sources? All of your clients "pre-qualified" before they finish applying with you? A system that reduces your work and increases your closings? You can for free since has categorized the funding guidelines of over 4,000 sources of business capital. Come access your free matched list.

Business Capital Directory
Business Capital Directory - What is a business capital directory? A business capital directory is a resource of information that details the lending and investing criteria of funding sources.

Business Cash Advance
Business Cash Advance - What is a business cash advance? Business cash advances for merchants are provided by sources who purchase a pre-determined amount of Visa/MasterCard sales receipts. What are the general qualifications for a business cash advance?

Business Credit Application
Business Credit Application - How can you ensure that you get approved for business credit? Learn what you need to get approved for financing.

Business Finance
Business Finance - Business finance comes in a myriad of forms. We will give you access to free publications that will tell you: How to prepare and present a successful funding request, how to obtain venture or private (angel) investor capital, and how to build your business credit fast!

Business Financing
Business Financing - What is a business financing source and how can you find one? We have over 4,000 sources in our database from commercial financing to invoice factoring. Access to sources of capital for your business is fast and easy

Business Lender
Business Lender - What is a business lender? A business lender is and entity that makes business loans. We have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas. Come search for lenders that match your needs?

Business Lines of Credit
Business Lines of Credit - What is a business line of credit? What are the advantages of this sort of financing? Who do you contact about obtaining business lines of credit?

Business Loan Firms
Business Loan Firms - Business loan sources are inumerable but connecting with the right one can be a daunting task. We help make that task much easier. In order to assist you in your search for business finance firms, we have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas from equipment leasing to invoice factoring.

Capital Directory
Capital Directory - What is a capital directory? A capital directory is a resource of information that details the lending and investing criteria of funding sources.

Capital Resources
Capital Resource - What is a capital resource? A capital resource is any asset used in the production of products or services.

Capital Types
Capital Types - Learn all of the capital types your business can use to obtain large amounts of financing.

Car Wash Loan

Cash Advance
Cash Advance - What is a cash advance? A cash advance is a sum of cash disbursed as a line of credit or in the form of payment for discounted receivables.

Cash Register Loan

Church Loan

Commercial Bank
Commercial Bank - What is a commercial bank? What is the difference between this sort of bank and an investment bank? Learn all about commercial banks today.

Commercial Business Loans
Commercial Business Loan - How can you get a commercial business loan? access to sources of capital for your business can be fast and easy. First, take a minute to tell us a little about your business and your financing needs. Your request will then be matched against those funding sources offering what it is you have requested and those to which your funding need may also apply.

Commercial Cleaning Loan

Commercial Equipment Financing
Commercial Equipment Financing - Why purchase instead of lease? What are some reasons why purchasing commercial / industrial equipment can be more beneficial than leasing.

Commercial Leasing
Commercial Leasing - What is the difference between commercial leasing and bank financing. Why are more and more business choosing to lease their equipment through non-bank sources?

Commercial Loan
Commercial Loan - Commercial loan sources fund your success. And it can be a daunting task to find the right one. We help make that task much easier. How? We have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas.

Commercial Receivable Factoring
Commercial Receivable Factoring - Commercial receivable factoring could be your best means of optimizing cash-flow immediately after your sales. Are you one of many businesses that require additional funding now and not in 60 or 90 days? What does this mean to your company?

Compacting Loan

Computer Furniture Loan

Computer Hardware Loan

Computer Software Loan

Connectivity & Infrastructure Loan


Container Loan

Copying Machine Loan

Counting Machine Loan

Crane Loan

Debt Financing
Debt Financing - What is debt financing? Debt financing involves selling the bonds, notes or mortgages held by the company to alleviate debt.

Dental Loan
Dental Loan - Obtain a loan for your dental practice. Use the free business capital search engine with over 4,000 lenders and investors ready to help you obtain a dental loan.

Die Cutting Loan

Drilling Loan

Dry Cleaning Loan

Electronics Loan

Embroidery Loan

Energy Production Loan

Engraving Machine Loan

Equipment Financing
Equipment Financing - Financing equipment conserves cash with the maximum tax benefits as a lease. What happens at the end of the lease? Are my monthly rental payments tax deductible? What interest rate am I paying?

Equity Financing
Equity Financing - What is equity financing? Equity financing is financing by selling common stock or preferred stock to investors.

Excavating Loan

Export Working Capital
Export Working Capital - What is export working capital? Export working capital is short-term working capital to exporters in a combined effort of the SBA and export-import bank.

Film Loan

Financing A Business
Financing A Business - Financing a business can very easily become a full time job. In order to assist you in your search for financing a business, we have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas. What do you need to get a quick response?

Fishing Loan

Fitness Loan

Food Processing Loan

Food Service Loan

Forestry Loan

Forklift Loan

Franchise Financing
Franchise Financing - What is franchise financing? Franchise financing can be a frustrating process without knowing your options. Apart from your local bank, what three main categories do these options fall under?

Funding Request

Furniture Loan

Gaming Loan

Garment Loan

Gas Station Loan

Generator Loan

Golf Course Loan

Government Loan Programs
Government Loan Programs - Government Loan Programs are your key to non-standard credit-scored funding. What are some advantages and benefits of the SBA 7(a)? What can the proceeds of your SBA 7(a) government loan be used for?

Heavy Construction Loan

Heavy Equipment Leasing
Heavy Equipment Leasing - Heavy equipment leasing is gaining more and more momentum as business owners are leaving behind misconceptions and beginning to understand the benefits. What are some benefits that leasing can provide for you business? No matter how skeptical you may be about equipment leasing, when you consider the potential benefits it pays to explore this valuable financing option. Let us find the right lease program for you.

Hoist Loan

Hospital Loan

Hotel & Lodging Loan

How To Prepare A Successful Funding Request
Business Plan - How do you prepare and present a successful business capital request starting with your business plan? Why is a business plan so important to your business getting approved?

Ice Making Machine Loan

Imaging Loan

Industrial Loan

Insiders Secret to Building Business Credit
Insiders Secret to Building Business Credit - Learn the insiders secret to building business credit. How can you easily build business credit with jsut a few easy to follow steps.

Interim Financing
Interim Financing - Interim financing is commonly utilized in real estate transactions. What are the terms, rates, amortization, and prepayment penalties of this type of financing?

Investment Banking Firms
Investment Banking Firms - Investment banking firms are committed to providing businesses capital and advisory services for both institutional and high net worth investors. What capital raising capabilities does investment banking provide? What is the advisory side these firms can implement?

Kiosk Loan

Knitting Machine Loan

Labeling Loan

Laboratory Equipment Loan

Laminating Equipment Loan

Landscaping Loan

Laundry Equipment Loan

Lease Purchase Agreement
Lease Purchase Agreement - What is a lease purchase agreement? How can you use your equipment to get capital? Why should you consider lease purchase financing?

Lettering Equipment Loan

Light Construction Loan

Lighting Equipment Loan

Loading Dock Loan

Machine Tools Loan

Manufacturing Loan

Marine Equipment Loan

Material Handling Loan

Media Production Loan

Medical Equipment Financing
Medical Equipment Financing - What is medical equipment financing? Medical equipment financing is most effectively obtained through a lease arrangement. Traditional bank lines are perfect for running the day-to-day operations of a business but not for funding long-term equipment acquisitions. What are some advantages of leasing medical equiment?

Medical Equipment Loan
Medical Equipment Loan - Credit is the lifeblood of your business, especially for small or new startup companies. assists entrepreneurs to get started purchasing equipment, building your inventory and expanding your business. What are some important items to know to finance your medical equipment loan?

Merchant Account Credit Cards
Merchant Account Credit Cards - Did you know that you can obtain business financing if you are a merchant processing credit cards? Find the best provider for setting up your merchant acount.

Metal Forming Equipment Loan

Mezzanine Finance
Mezzanine Finance - Mezzanine finance funding can come in the form of stand-alone subordinated debt or equity transactions. Most often it is found in the form of subordinated debt. What can this addtional financial leverage facilitate?

Mini Perm Loan
Mini Perm Loan - What is a mini perm loan? Mini perm loan financing is collateralized by commercial, industrial, or multi-unit residential properties. It is a tool for income producing projects that need to establish an operating history prior to obtaining long term permanent financing. What property types is this financing method utilized for?

Mining Loan

Minority Business Funding
Minority Business Funding - Minority business funding is the process of providing working capital to minority owned businesses either through debt or equity.

No Credit Check For Business Loan
No Credit Check For Business Loan - Can you really obtain a business loan without a personal credit check? Why some entrepreneurs with poor personal credit histories are still able to obtain financing for their business.

Office Automation Loan

Office Furniture Loan

Optometry Loan

Paid In Capital
Paid In Capital - What is paid in capital? Paid in capital is capital the company received from investors in return for stock.

Paving Equipment Loan

Pay Phone Equipment Loan

Perforating Equipment Loan

Primary Offering
Primary Offering- What is a primary offering? Primary offering is the initial sale of a company's stock.

Private Investor Capital
Private Investor Capital - Private investor capital is capital invested by private individuals into your business venture. What are some major advantages to acquiring capital from a capital placement firm?

Purchase Order Factoring
Purchase Order Factoring - Purchase order factoring is usually required during times of growth and expansion when cash flow reserves become insufficient. How does the dilemma get resolved? What are the three steps you should complete before you apply for purchase order factoring?

Real Estate Purchase Loan
Real Estate Purchase Loan - What is a real estate purchase loan? How can it apply to a business? What types of businesses can get approved for this sort of financing?

Receivable Factoring
Receivable Factoring - Receivable factoring sources provide an expedient means of acquiring working capital by selling the invoice (your accounts receivable) for a product or service that has been rendered. Does receivable factoring increase working capital? Why should you not just get a traditional loan?

Revolving Collateral
Revolving Collateral - What is revolving collateral? Revolving collateral is a loan where the collateral is constantly changing, typically accounts receivable or inventory.

SBA Loan Programs
Sba Loan Programs - SBA loan programs help your small business secure a much needed loan. The funds can be used as capital resources which allow you to start growing your business. Does your business qualify for any SBA loan programs?

Small Business Credit Card
Small Business Credit Card - What can a small business credit card do for your business? Small business credit card purchases enables you, the business owner, to separate personal expenses from business-related expenses. Separating business and personal expenses makes figuring taxes easier - and interest on business expenses may be tax deductible.

Small Business Financing
Small Business Financing - Small business financing backed by the SBA. The SBA imposes no limit on the total loan amount you can request from the lender. What criteria should you meet as a borrower?

Small Business Line of Credit
Small Business Line Of Credit - Small business line of credit sources are numerous. It is critical that a business accurately assess its needs before opening any line of credit. What are five important things to think about when considering applying for a small business line of credit?

Small Commercial Loan
Small Commercial Loan - How can you find the right small commercial loan for your business? We can help. Surprisingly, you could find that a loan may not necessarily be the answer. There are many creative means available for obtaining the money you need. What can our free publications tell you about finding capital?

Technology Finance
Technology Finance - Technology finance allows you to meet your business's ever-changing technology equipment needs. What types of things can you finance? What are the general requirements? Can non-technology items be part of the financing?

Trade Associations
Trade Associations - Why are they so important to the success of your business? Find a Trade Association that serves your industry, and improve your business. Search for free.

Vendor Credit Lines
Vendor Credit Lines - What are vendor credit lines? How can they be an effective tool for establishing business credit? Which lenders should you obtain vendor lines of credit from?

Working Capital Loan
Working Capital Loan - How can a working capital loan keep your business growing and growing? Working capital loan funds can provide the cash you will need to keep your business going until you can cover your operating costs solely out of revenue. What are the 5 most common examples of a short-term working capital loan?