Business Funding Site Map

Business Funding Site Map

Asset Backed Securities
Asset Backed Securities - What are Asset backed securities?(ABS) What are the benefits of using asset backed financing? What do the "pools" of similar loans that make up ABS bonds consist of?

Bootstrap Financing
Bootstrap Financing - What is bootstrap financing? Bootstrap financing is building a business out of little or nothing with no or minimal outside capital.

Bridge Loan Financing
Bridge Loan Financing - Expanding your business? Restructuring?Sudden investment opportunity?Acquiring property? Need funding for a merger? Bridge loan financing is an effective vehicle to immediately capitalize on a purchase opportunity. Whether it is through a commercial mortgage lender, an asset based lender or a venture firm, there are bridge loan sources in our directory.

Business Finance Company
Business Finance Company - What is a business finance company? A business finance company lends money primarily to businesses.

Business Funding Resources
Business Funding Resources - What are the best resources for business financing? Obtain the knowledge you need to succeed with our free business funding resources.

Business Loans with Bad Credit
Business Loans with Bad Credit - Are business loans with bad credit even possible? Why can't you rely soley on your personal credit scores to get approved for business financing? Learn how you can build your business credit up so you can get approved for a business loan with poor personal credit.

Business Service Providers
Business Service Providers - What are business service providers? How can they help my business?

Capital for Business
Capital For Business - What are some different methods for aquiring capital for business? Businesses can choose to offer up ownership as equity and/or their assets as collateral in order to secure capital (cash).

Cash Credit
Cash Credit - What is cash credit? Cash credit is a short term cash loan to a company.

Collateral Surety
Collateral Surety - What is collateral surety? Collateral surety is commercial paper which has been pledged as collateral for a loan.

Commercial Capital
Commercial Capital - Commercial capital firms fund your success. We have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas. Come search different capital types.

Commercial Finance Firms
Commercial Finance Firms - Commercial finance comes in a myriad of forms. The search for legitimate financing sources can be an overwhelming endeavor. We help make the process much easier. What are some of the creative means available for obtaining the money you need?

Commercial Receivable Financing
Commercial Receivable Financing - What exactly is Commercial receivable financing? Commercial receivable financing is a viable and effective means of extracting immediate cash from your outstanding invoices. How is this a viable alternative to asset based lending, working capital loans, and small business loans?

Credit Card for New Business
Find out everything you need to know about acquiring a credit card for your new business.

Direct Financing
Direct Financing - What is direct financing? Direct financing is financing done without the use of an underwriter or a broker.

Equity Capital
Equity Capital - What is equity capital? Equity capital is typically capital raised from owners in the company.

External Financing
External Financing - What is external financing? External financing is financing through the issuance of debt or equity.

Farm Credit Loans
Farm Credit Loans - What are farm credit loans? The Farm Credit System is a network of lending institutions providing credit to farmers, ranchers, and producers or harvestors of aquatic products.

First Round Financing
First Round Financing - What is first round financing? First round financing is the first investment in a company made by external investors.

Government Business Lender
Government Business Lender - Government business lender funds provide small businesses with much needed capital financing through the SBA 7(a) loan program. What criteria should you meet to qualify?

Hard Money Lender
Hard Money Lender - What is a hard money lender? Consistently hearing "No" to your deal because it doesn't fit the conventional box? Need a short term loan? Are traditional lenders taking forever to close? With "private lenders" the hard assets are the key.

Import and Export Financing
Import And Export Financing - What is import and export financing? How does it work? Why should you do it?

Institutional Financing
Institutional Financing - What is institutional financing? Institutional financing is financing provided by an institution, as opposed to individual investors.

Interim Loan Financing
Interim Loan Financing - Interim financing is commonly utilized in real estate transactions. What are the terms, rates, amortization, and prepayment penalties of this type of financing?

Investment Capital
Investment Capital - How does investment capital in a company ultimately determine its success? What are some different investment capital funding services? Stop wasting your valuable time today. Let us help you through the process of getting your investment capital.