Business Loans Site Map

Business Loans Site Map

Account Receivable Credit Line
Account Receivable Credit Line - How do you get one? Learn how the invoices to your customers for goods delivered or services rendered (accounts receivable) can be converted into a type of "credit line" for immediate cash.

Account Receivable Factoring
Account Receivable Factoring - How can you sell your open invoices at a small discount to get the cash now? What are the benefits of factoring? Make your A/R and invoices your most valuable asset.

Account Receivable Funding
Account Receivable Funding - What is factoring? Is A/R funding right for you? Does A/R funding increase working capital? Find out the advantages receivable-based funding has over traditional loans.

Account Receivables Factoring
Account Receivables Factoring - Who uses factoring? Is factoring right for your business? Learn how selling accounts receivable or invoices can secure immediate, working capital in the form of cash.

Account Receivables Financing
Account Receivables Financing - What is it? Also referred to as invoice factoring, it is the sale of invoices (receivables) for anywhere from 70% to 90% of their total value in order to generate immediate cash flow. What are the 3 main advantages to factoring?

Accounts Payable
Accounts payable can impact future financing options for your business. Learn how accounts payable and business credit go hand-in-hand. Should you borrow to cover accounts payables?

Accounts Payable Financing
Accounts Payable Financing - Should I borrow to cover overdue payables? How can I borrow to cover payables? Find out how to preserve your business credit.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable - What is it? How can an accounts receivable provide instant cash flow for a business?

Accounts Receivable Loans
Accounts Receivable Loans - Need immediate capital? Sell your receivables to a "Factor" at a slight discount. Despite the advantages of factoring, many businesses do not utilize this financing tool due to lack of awareness or misconceptions on how it works. Learn how it works and reasons why you should use factoring in your business.

Accredited Investor
Accredited Investor - What is an accredited investor and who qualifies? What criteria must a qualified accredited investor fall under?

Accredited Investors
Accredited Investors - Who are accredited investors? What does the federal securities law define the term "accredited investors" as?

Acquisition and Development
Acquisition And Development - What is acquisition and development financing? What can funding from this program be used for? What things can this loan program not be used for?

Acquisition Financing
Acquisition Financing - What is acquisition financing? What are the typical terms for acquisition financing? What factors are qualifying and credit related decisions base on?

Applying for a New Small Business Credit Card
Learn more about how to get a new credit card for your business.

Bank Loan
Bank Loan - Bank Loan providers want to see a proven track record before they lend you any money, but you can't establish the track record until you get the loan. What are they looking for? What are five C's that most bankers look for.

Bridge Loan
Bridge Loan - What is a bridge loan? Bridge Loan financing is an effective vehicle to immediately capitalize on a purchase opportunity. What are some common bridge loan scenarios? Look for bridge loan sources in our directory.

Business Credit Cards
Business Credit Cards - How can business credit cards help you run your business more efficiently? Understand all of the benefits of business credit cards.

Business Loans
Business Loans - What are the capital types that business loans or commercial financing include? What are the definitions of each of these capital types?

Business Resources

Capital Sources
Capital Sources - We began in 1995 with a database of 1,500 sources of capital from our Founder's rolodex, which has now grown to over 4,000. What are the six groups the data is broken down into?

Commercial Business Loans
Commercial Business Loans - What are commercial business loans? Which lenders are the best to work with? How can the capital be used once acquired?

Commercial Credit Line
Commercial Credit Line - Is a commercial credit line right for you business? What are five good reasons to have a commercial credit line?

Commercial Lending
Commercial Lending - Commercial lending firms fund your success. And it can be a daunting task to find the right one. See how we can make that task much easier for you.

Credit Card Receipt Advances
Credit Card Receipt Advances - What are credit card receipt advances? How can they help a business in need of quick capital?

Equipment Sale and Leaseback
Equipment Sale And Leaseback

Establish Business Credit
Establish Business Credit - Why should you work to establish business credit as soon as possible? How can business credit effect all future financing applications? How do you establish business credit.

Factoring Government Receivable
Factoring Government Receivable - Factoring government receivable invoices is a fairly common practice to avoid cash flow problems for small, growing businesses. What are ten simple reasons why you should factor government receivable invoices?

Finance Company
Finance Company - What is a finance company? How do finance companies raise money?

Funding Directory
Funding Directory - What is a funding directory? A funding directory is a resource of information that details the lending and investing criteria of funding sources.

Government Business Loan
Government Business Loan - Government business loan financing can be obtained by applying for an SBA 7(a) loan. What are some advantages in obtaining an SBA loan? What can the funding obtained via the SBA 7(a) be used for?

How To Get Business Credit With No Personal Guarantee
How To Get Business Credit With No Personal Guarantee - Learn all about the art of getting business credit without having to personally guarantee anything. Seperate your personal credit from your business credit.

Investment Bank
Investment Bank - What is an investment bank? An investment bank is an institution that acts as an underwriter for corporations, but which does not accept deposits or make loans.

Invoice Financing
Invoice Financing - Invoice financing (factoring) is simply the selling of your invoices or receivables to a "factor" for immediate cash. What are some common questions and answers when dealing with factoring? Do you have to factor all your invoices? Can you qualify even if we are just starting in business?

Letter of Credit
Letter Of Credit - What is a letter of credit? A letter of credit is a document issued by a bank which guarantees the payment of a customer's drafts for a specified period and up to a specified amount.

Management Buyout Financing
Management Buyout Financing - What is management buyout financing? What is the processof completing a management buyout after a buyout analysis is done? What information is it necessary to quickly access to enable managers compete on an equal footing with other bidders?

Medical Equipment Lease
Medical Equipment Lease - Why is leasing superior to standard purchase loan financing? Medical equipment lease allows you to maintain a state-of-the-art health care facility. This minimizes transfers to other, better equipped, facilities for diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Receivable Financing
Medical Receivable Financing - Medical receivable financing is the easiest way to get working capital for your business. The amount is strictly based on the value of the invoices from your insurance companies - your accounts receivable. What is the key advantage to medical receivable financing?

Minority Business Loans
Minority Business Loans - What are minority business loans? Minority business loans is the process of providing working capital to minority owned businesses through debt.

Permanent Financing
Permanent Financing - What is permanent financing? Permanent financing is long term debt or equity financing.

Purchase Order Financing
Purchase Order Financing - What is purchase order financing? What problems can purchase order financing resolve? What are the three steps for purchase order financing?

Raising Capital
Raising Capital - Raising Capital from private individuals who contribute their skills and money to start-up companies is the best way to get a young company off the ground. What are some interesting facts about raising capital from private investors? What are the most important considerations to the private investor's decision?

Receivable Financing
Receivable Financing -

SBA Commercial Loan
Sba Commercial Loan - Are you thinking about borrowing money from a bank but are unable to? Should you consider obtaining funding from the Small Business Administration? How does this happen? What is the criteria? What must you do to get an SBA commercial loan?

SBA Micro Loans
Micro Loan - What is a micro loan? Micro Loans are small loans ($35,000 and under) for start-up and/or newly established small businesses. What is a small business required to do before a loan application is accepted?

Second Round Financing
Second Round Financing - How can your business remain profitable and continue to expand? What is second round financing and who is it for? Are you entering into the second round financing stage? Do you fit into a second round expansion scenario? Contact one of the lenders on our free list and they will help you answer this.

Small Business Administration Loan
Small Business Administration Loan - Small business administration loan programs help your small business get the loans you need. The funds can then be used as capital resources which allow you to start growing your business. Does your business qualify? What are SBA loans available for?

Small Business Lenders
Small Business Lenders - What can small business lenders and commercial loan programs offer? What are some typical uses for loans from small business lenders?

Small Business Loan Source
Small Business Loan Source - We provide a small business loan source that will save you both time and money. Search over 4,000 lenders and investors in our free business capital search engine today.

Start Up Business Loans - Small Business Financing
Start Up Financing - Find lenders that will loan your startup business up to $35,000 or more from an SBA "MicroLoan". What will lenders listed here place cash in your hands for? The SBA generally requires some type of collateral as well as a personal guarantee of the business owner.

Unsecured Credit Line
Unsecured Credit Line - Unsecured credit line funds allow you to manage your cash flow during business fluctuations. What are some benefits and features of an unsecured credit line? Could an unsecured credit line be the answer for your business?

Women Business Loans
Women Business Loans - What is women business loans? Women business loans in the process of providing working capital to women owned businesses either through debt or equity.

Working Capital Finance
Working Capital Finance - When your company is not eligible for bank funding, where do you turn? When your cash flow is not adequate to allow you to take advantage of the opportunities your market is trying to give you, what are your options? What are some of the many methods for turning your many different income streams into cash?