Business Start Up Financing Site Map

Business Start Up Financing Site Map

Asset Loan
Asset Loan - an asset loan is a specialized method of providing structured working capital and term loans that are secured by accounts receivable,inventory, machinery, equipment, and/or real estate. What is this type of funding perfect for?Why use an asset loan for funding?

Business Capital
Business Capital - What is business capital? Business capital is money used for the investment in a project or company. Access to sources of capital for your business is fast, easy and free. Simply tell us a little about your business and your financing needs, then you are given a list of funding sources matching your needs.

Business Counselors
Business Counselors - What can business counselors do for your business? Learn about the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), and how it can have a big impact on your business.

Business Finance Firm
Business Finance Firm - Business finance firms are numerous to say the very least. And it can be a daunting task to find the right one. We help make that task much easier. We have categorized the lending and investing criteria of over 4,000 funding sources in a variety of areas.

Business Information Resources Page

Business Loan
Business Loan - Business loan sources are not in short supply; however, finding the right one for your specific needs can appear to be an insurmountable task. What are some different creative means available for obtaining the money you need? How do you prepare and present a successful funding request.How do you obtain venture or private (angel) investor capital. How do you build your business credit fast? Find out in our new free report.

Capital Search
Capital Search - What are the two ways for you to search for capital funding? Know what type of funding you are looking for? Then select from the capital categories and funding types.

Capital Types
Capital Types - What capital types are available for financing your business? Can I see a list of all of the capital types available for a small or large business? Learn how to obtain business financing at our website.

Commercial Factoring
Commercial Factoring - Commercial factoring is a process where a factor - the company that purchases your invoices and receivables - provides your business with the advance payment up front. What are three main advantages to commercial factoring?

Commercial Finance Lending through Assets
Commercial Financing is typically based on the assets of your business. Learn more about commercial finance and lenders here at Business Finance.

Commercial Loan Finance
Commercial Loan Finance - What is a commercial loan finance firm. How can you find the right one for your business? We have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas. Access to sources of capital for your business is fast and easy

Computer Equipment Financing
Computer Equipment Financing - What is computer equipment financing? How can computer equipment financing by means of a lease address your computer equipment needs today without tying-up cash for tomorrow? What are benefits of leasing computer equipment?

Equipment Leasing & Financing for Your Business
Equipment Finance - Finance the equipment you need rather than purchasing outright. What are some advantages to financing rather than purchasing?

Factoring Invoice
Factoring Invoice - Invoice factoring is the selling of an accounts receivable invoice to a "factor" benefits your business with the cash flow it needs. What are some key points of invoice factoring?

Finance Directory
Finance Directory - What is a finance directory? A finance directory is a resource of information that details the lending and investing criteria of funding sources.

How To Best Start A Business
Start A Business - Discover how to start a business on the right foot with financing. Learn the ins and outs of obtaining business capital.

Merchant Account Credit Card Processing
Merchant Account Credit Card Processing - What is merchant account credit card processing? How does it apply to your business? Why is a great source of potential capital?

Merchant Account Set Up

Personal Credit Scores
Credit - Did you know that your business also gets a credit score? Personal credit and business credit are very similar, but they are not the same. Learn some good information on credit.

Raise Private Equity
Raise Private Equity - Raise private equity means to seek investments that are normally from high net-worth individuals known as "accredited investors or angel investors". What is the typical profile of an angel investor to raise private equity

SBA Loans
SBA Loans - What are SBA loans? Is there a limit on the amount of capital that can be requested? How long is the maximum maturity term for SBA loans 7(a)?

Seed Funding
Seed Funding - Seed funding is for companies that are usually very young (around one year) and has not produced a product or service for commercial sale. The assembly of the key management team is in progress or has just taken place. Who usually provides the capital for seed funding?

Small Business Capital
Small Business Capital - What is small business capital? Small business capital is the process of providing working capital to small businesses either through debt or equity.

Small Business Finance
Small Business Finance - How can the SBA help grow your business? Are you unable to borrow money from your bank ( debt financing)? Does the SBA actually loan the money to your business? What must you do to get an SBA loan?

Small Business Leasing
Small Business Leasing - What is small business leasing. What is the difference between a loan and a lease?

Small Business Loans & SBA Lending for Any Business
Looking for a small business loan? Search our free search engine of over 4,000 sources for small business loans & SBA Loans today.

Start Up Loan
Start Up Loan - Start up loan financing, as an unsecured line of credit has many advantages to the new business owner. What are startup loan proceeds generall used for? What are the benefits of a start up loan?

Startup Capital
Startup Capital - What is startup capital? Startup capital is usually defined as the amount of money you need to develop an idea into a finished product and then initiate the marketing activities. What is the first step in obtaining this type of funding? What programs are available? How do you begin to qualify?

Types of Working Capital for Financing
What is working capital? Learn more about the different sources and purpose of working capital for your business here.