Commercial Mortgages Site Map

Commercial Mortgages Site Map

Adjustable Commercial Mortgage
Adjustable Commercial Mortgage - Adjustable commercial mortgage funding is a real estate loan with an interest rate that changes periodically. How can an Adjustable Rate Mortgage(ARM) be less expensive than a fixed rate loan over a long period? To compare one ARM with another or with a fixed rate mortgage, you need to know about indexes, margins, discounts, cap structures, negative amortization and convertibility. Provide us with some information and we will match you to sources who can help.

Apartment Building Loan
Apartment Building Loan - Apartment building loan sources are numerous to say the very least. What are some "yes" or "no" questions you should have an answer to before speaking with anyone?

Commercial Building Financing
Commercial Building Financing - Commercial building financing can be used for expansion and improvement, and includes loans to refinance existing debt. There are commmercial mortgage sources in our directory that can offer loans at higher loan to value and longer term than your local bank.

Commercial Mortgage Lender
Commercial Mortgage Lender - What is a commercial mortgage lender? What can they finance?

Commercial Mortgages for Office Buildings, Hotel Properties & More
Whether you are an office building, hotel property or construction site, make an informed decision on what the best commercial financing option is for your business.

Commercial Property Loan
Commercial Property Loan - What is a commercial property loan? How can it improve your existing business and refinance existing debt?

Commercial Real Estate Loans - Financing & Lenders
Commercial Real Estate Loan - What is a commercial real estate loan? Commercial real estate loans are available on all types of income producing and commercial properties. What can funding sources in our directory provide?

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages
Commercial Real Estate Mortgages - Commercial real estate mortgages are the vehicles to expand or improve your existing business or to refinance existing debt. Our directory of funding sources contains both private and institutional investors servicing anything from conventional SBA-backed development loans and fixed 20 year mortgages to short-term bridge financing.

Construction Loan
Construction Loan - What is a contruction loan? A construction loan is a short-term loan for the building construction on real estate property.

Convertible Note Financing
Convertible Note - What is a convertible note? A convertible note is a debt intrument that can be converted into stock at the option of the holder or the issuer.

Development Financing
Development Financing - What does development financing with the SBA 504 loan program provide? What can funding from this program be used for? What can this loan program not be used for?

Fixed Rate Commercial Mortgage
Fixed Rate Commercial Mortgage - Fixed rate commercial mortgage products are mortgages that have a fixed interest rate and payment for the full term of the loan. What are typical properties? What is the term, rate, and other additional features?

Hotel Loan
Hotel Loan - Are you looking for the best hotel/motel loan for your property anywhere in the U.S.? If so we can arrange the financing for you. See different types of financing we can provide.

Income Property Financing

Interest Only Loan
Interest Only Loan - What is an interest only loan? How can it benefit your business? When should you use an interest only loan?

Investment Property
Investment Property Financing - What is investment property? Investment property is a property that is not occupied by the owner, usually purchased specifically to generate profit through rental income or capital gains.

Land Lease
Land Lease - What is a land lease? A land lease is a lease in which only the land is rented.

Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Broker - What is a mortgage broker? How can it help your business obtain financing? Learn how a mortgage broker can help you get the best financing rates.

Mortgage Debt
Mortgage Debt - What is mortgagte debt? How is mortgage debt secured? Learn how this concept applies to your business.

Mortgage Lien
Mortgage Lien - What is a mortgage lien? Learn all about this topic today.

Participating Mortgage
Participating Mortgage - Participating mortgage is a loan that contains clauses and conditions under which the lender participates in the revenues of the property. What do these loans provide? Provide us with some information and we can give you a free matched list of commercial real estate lenders.

Raw Land Loan
Raw Land Loan - What is a raw land loan? A raw land loan is financing for undeveloped, unused land.

Second Mortgage
Second Mortgage - What is a second mortgage? Why is this an excellent commercial real estate tool? Learn more about this unique financing option for your business.