Commercial Real Estate Loans Site Map

Commercial Real Estate Loans Site Map

Adjustable Rate Loan
Adjustable Rate Loan - Who are adjustable rate loans ideal for? What are the variety of loan programs you can choose from? We will help you compare one Adjustable Rate Loan (ARM) with another or with a fixed rate mortgage. Learn how it can save your business money.

Apartment Building Financing
Apartment Building Financing - What is Apartment building financing, or multifamily property financing? Since multifamily property financing is in a constant state of change multifamily finance providers must have thorough knowledge and awareness of available debt programs and be prepared to quickly analyze financing options. See a sample list of available program structures

Commercial Building Loan
Commercial Building Loan - Commercial building loans are available for virtually all types of income-producing and commercial properties. What are some aspects of a typical loan? What are some different types of businesses that sources in our directory will finance?

Commercial Construction Loan
Commercial Construction Loan - Commercial construction loan sources can be found through our free online directory search. In just minutes, we can provide you with a matched list of funding sources.

Commercial Mortgage
Commercial Mortgage - What is a commercial mortgage. What do commercial mortgage and real estate lenders finance?

Commercial Mortgage Loan
Commercial Mortgage Loan - Commercial mortgages are available for a variety of projects and scenarios, including: Office building, shopping centers and industrial buildings, gas stations/car washes, golf courses, resorts and many more.

Commercial Property Financing
Commercial Property Financing - What types of income-producing and commercial properties is commercial property financing available for? What can funding sources in our directory provide?

Commercial Real Estate Financing
Commercial Real Estate Financing - Commercial real estate financing can be provided for the long and short term. Our directory of funding sources is comprised of both private and institutional investors.

Commercial Real Estate Lenders
Commercial Real Estate Lenders - Who are commercial real estate lenders? Who can Commercial real estate lenders in our directory provide financing programs for? What services can they provide?

Construction Interim Loan
Construction Interim Loan - What is a construction interim loan? Construction interim loans are short-term debt instruments securitized by the project and, in most cases, contingent upon subsequent, long-term financing. What are the terms, rates, amortizations, and perpayment penalties for a construction interim loan?

Construction Loan with Take-Out
Construction Loan With Take-Out - Construction loan with take-out refers to short-term financing of real estate construction followed by long term financing, called a "take out" loan. When is this "take out" loan issued? What type of loans to take-out loans normally work together with?

Construction Loan With Takeout
Construction Loan With Takeout - What is a construction loan with takeout? A contruction loan with takeout is a construction loan with pre-arranged takeout loan in place.

Construction Mini-Perm
Construction Mini Perm - What is this particular method of financing primarily used for? This particular method of financing is used primarily for income producing projects that need to establish an operating history prior to applying for long-term, permanent financing. What types of businesses are they usually applicable to?

Equity Participation
Equity Participation - Equity participation is an incentive to make a loan. Equity participation deals include clauses and conditions under which the lender shares in the increase in equity of the business. What factors are the level of participation calculated from? These loans are an effective tool for lenders and allow you a greater access to the capital you need.

Fixed Rate
Fixed Rate - What is a fixed rate? A fixed rate is a loan in which the interest rate does not change during the entire term of the loan.

Forward Commitment
Forward Commitment - What is a forward commitment? A forward commitment is a pledge to provide a commercial loan at a future date.

Hard Money Loan
Hard Money Loan - What can a hard money loan do for your busninesses? What are some guilines for hard money loans? Creative transactions such as: interest only payments, partial deed release, and participations are usually considered.

Hotel Financing
Hotel Financing - Hotel financing that is right for you. If you are looking for the best hotel/motel loan for your property anywhere in the U.S., we can arrange the financing for you. What are some different types of hotel financing we can provide? Realizing that every hotel/motel finacing request is different and unique unto itself, we hope that we have provided enough preliminary information for you to make us your choice for financing.

Investment Property Financing

Joint Venture
Joint Venture - What is a joint venture? How does it maximize your cashflow potential? What is the difference between a joint venture and a partnership? Structured Joint-Venture Financing can be complicated and is not appropriate for all projects. Provide us with some information and we can give you a free matched list of commercial real estate lenders and equity investors.

Leasehold Improvement Financing
Leasehold Improvement Financing - What is the definition of leashold improvement financing? How can leasehold improvement financing help with start up or expansion? How long is the common term?

Loan Commitment
Loan Commitment - What is a loan commitment? A loan commitment is a written offer by a lender of the terms under which it agrees to lend money to a borrower over a certain period of time.

Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Loan - What is the best steps for obtaining a commercial mortgage loan? What types of mortgage loans exist? What is the best option for your business.

Mortgage Note
Mortgage Note - What is a mortgage note? What companies and investors will purchase notes from you? Learn all about mortgage notes, and how they can help you.

Real Estate Loan
Real Estate Loan - How can you obtain real estate loan financing for your business? Why do you rarely need other forms of collateral to secure a commercial real estate loan?

Real Estate Sale Leaseback
Real Estate Sale Leaseback - How can real estate sale leaseback put your equity to work for you? This is an increasingly popular means of generating capital for immediate use. A sale-leaseback vehicle unlocks the value in your real estate assets and provides working capital.

Rollover Mortgage
Rollover Mortgage - What is a rollover mortgage? A rollover mortgage is a loan for which the unpaid balance is refinanced after a few years at the current rate.

Wrap Around Mortgage
Wrap Around Mortgage - Wrap around mortgage financing allows you to purchase property without having to qualify for a loan or pay closing costs. How does it work? What is the lenders incentive?