EIN-Only Credit Lines

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The Business Finance Coach equips business owners like you for what has been described as "the worst credit crisis of our lifetime". Their business credit building system makes credit available to almost any business owner who is willing to be coached through the process.

The Business Finance Coach has been helping businesses obtain non-personally guaranteed credit since 2000. More specifically, credit that is tied only to a business's EIN and not an owner or officer's Social Security Number. Their system has been designed to help you access business capital through lines of credit, loans, leases, and trade credit.

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Their comprehensive system allows you to establish business credit that is separate and apart from your personal credit. Their 2 main goals are simple: First, to help you secure business financing and credit without giving a personal guarantee and Second, to insure that as much as possible is tied to your company's EIN and not to your Social Security Number.

The proprietary system they have developed is accessible to nearly every kind of business. From real estate investors, franchisees, to inventors, there are no true restrictions on who can be funded, other than an individuals motivation and ability to be coached.