Private Investors Site Map

Private Investors Site Map

Blind Pool
Blind Pool - What is a blind pool? A bind pool is a limited partnership that is set up for investment, but doesn't specify what companies the general partner plans to invest in.

Blue Sky Laws
Blue Sky Laws - What are blue sky laws? Blue sky laws are state regulations that govern the sale of securities in an attempt to safeguard investors from fraud.

Bridge Swing Loan
Bridge Swing Loan - What is a bridge swing loan? How do bridge loans work in corporate finance and commercial property transactions? Browse through some bridge loan sources in our directory.

Business Capital Investments
Business Capital Investments - What are business capital investments? Business capital investments for start-ups are provided by either private or non-private source. What type of investors do private and non-private sources primarily consist of?

Business Capital Investors
Business Capital Investors - Who are business capital investors? What is the different between private and non-private sources? What are the advantages of each of the different sources?

Capital Investment
Capital Investment - What are the two main sources of capital investment money. What are some different forms of private and non-private lending sources?

Corporate Venture Capital
Corporate Venture Capital - What is corporate venture capital? Corporate venture capital is typically a subsidiary of a large corporation that is set up to make venture capital investments.

Debenture - What exactly is debenture? Debenture is unsecured debt backed only by the company, not by any collateral.

Divestiture - What is divestiture? Divestiture is the outright sale of company assets, such as ownership sale to employees, sale of large blocks of stock or an orderly liquidation.

DPO - What does DPO stand for and what is it? DPO is an acronym for direct public offering which is an offering in which the company shares of stock are sold directly to investors, rather that through an underwriter.

Equity Investments for Large Markets
Equity Investments for large market potential. Find more information here to see if your company fits the criteria for equity investments.

Institutional Investor
Institutional Investor - What is an institutional investor? Institutional investors are entities with large amounts of money to invest, typically investment companies, mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and investment banks, etc.

Internet Venture Capital
Internet Venture Capital - What is internet venture capital? Internet veture capital is funds made available for internet firms with exceptional growth.

Investment Banks
Investment Banks - What are investment banks? Who does investment banks and brokerage firms provide funding for?

Investor - How can you find an investor for your business? What do investors look for in a proposal? Learn all about investors so you can have access to this large form of capital.

Mezzanine Investment
Mezzanine Investment - What is mazzanine investment? Mezzanine investment financing (also referred to as third-stage capital) refers to a later stage investment provided to a company that is already producing and selling a product or service, for the purpose of helping the company achieve a critical objective that, in many cases, will enable it to go public.

Private Capital Investors
Private Capital Investors - What is a private capital investor? What are the most important considerations to the investor's decision? What are some interesting facts about private capital investors?

Private Equity Investors
Private Equity Investors - Private equity investors are private individuals who contribute their skills and money to start-up companies. Who are the typical private equity invertors? What are some major advantages to having a private equity investor?

Private Investment Capital
Private Investment Capital - Private investment captial, also known as the Rule 506 Regulation D Offering, is an exemption under the Securities Act of 1933. It provides excellent an opportunity for your public or private company to complete a private placement offering for the capital necessary to continue growing. What key goals can we help you accomplish?

Private Placement Investment
Private Placement Investment - What is a private placement investment? Is private placement investment money available? What are advantages to the program?

Regulation A
Regulation A - What is regulation A? Regulation A is an SEC regulation that governs offerings of $1,500,000 or less, which qualify for simplified registration.

Regulation D
Regulation D - What is regulation D? Regulation D is an SEC regulation that governs private placement exemption offering to accredited investors.

Risk Capital
Risk Capital - What is risk capital? Risk capital is funds made available for startup firms and small businesses with exceptional growth potential.

Seed Capital
Seed Capital - What is seed capital? Seed capital is provided to develop a concept, create the initial product and carry out the first marketing efforts. Who is seed capital mostly provided by? These early stage funds have become a primary source for emerging businesses needing to get started. If you fit this description, what terms are you willing to accept for the investment?