Small Business Loans Site Map

Small Business Loans Site Map

Bridge Financing
Bridge Financing - What is bridge financing and what are the different forms it can come in? What can additional financial leverage facilitate?

Business Funding
Business Funding - What kind of business funding do you need? Access to a matced list of funding sources is fast and easy. Simply fill out our form telling us a little about your business and your financing needs.

Business Leasing
Business Leasing - What is business leasing and what are the benefits? What are several types of lease programs you can choose from? Come see what your different options are.

Cash Flow
Cash Flow - What is cash flow? Cash flow is the cash reciepts less cash payments over a given period of time.

Commercial Financing
Commercial Financing - Commercial financing firms can be your most valuable resource. How do you find the right one for your business? We have categorized the lending and investing criteria of funding sources in a variety of areas. Simply tell us a little about your business and need for capital, and your request will be matched against the funding sources in our directory.

Commercial Line of Credit - Operating Loans
Commercial Lines Of Credit - What are commercial lines of credit? What can commercial lines of credit, also known as operating loans, provide for you business?

Development Loan
Development Loan - What is a development loan? In some cases, a development loan is a short-term loan securitized by commercial real estate or across other assets for the improvement of real estate property and/or infrastructure such as: roads, utilities, etc. What is an alternative to the short-term, "hard-money," or equity investment route? What can funding from this type of program be used for?

Equipment Lease Firms
Equipment Lease Firms - What are the benefits of leasing over obtaining a regular loan? Why are equipment lease firms gaining popularity among businesses? Learn about all of the pros and cons of equipment leasing.

Equity Loan
Equity Loan - What is an equity loan? An equity loan is typically an "investment" in a company that is secured by a certain amount of that company's shares and structured, in part or whole, as a loan. What is the size of a typical investment? What is the typical duration of the loan?

Expansion Financing
Expansion Financing - What is equipment financing? How is expansion financing a tool for growth? What are some uses for this type of financing?

Export Financing
Export Financing - What is export financing? Export financing involves loans made for the shipping of products outside a country or region.

Factoring - What is factoring and how does it work? Factoring is the selling of a company's accounts receivables, at a discount, to a factor who then assumes the credit risk of the account debtors. How can this benefit your business?

Government Loans
Government Loans - What are different types of government loans? What can government loans from the SBA ( Small Buisiness Administration ) be used for?

Government Small Business Loan
Government Small Business Loan - What is a government small business loan? What criteria must your business meet to qualify?

Import Export Loans
Import Export Loans - What are import export loans? What requirements does your business have to meet to obtain this form of financing? Learn about a topic that can help you take your business globally.

Inventory Loan
Inventory Loan - How can an inventory loan meet demands and make deadlines for your business? Inventory loan financing (also known as "Flooring") is the leveraging of inventory using the value of the financed equipment/stock as collateral for the loan. When should you use it and what are the benefits?

Invoice Factoring
Invoice Factoring - Invoice factoring, or the sale of accounts receivable, is one of the oldest forms of financing. What are some of the special services we offer? What can your company gain from factoring?

Pre-Qualified Funding
Pre-Qualified Funding - Pre-qualified funding is the process of pre-qualifying your business funding request before you apply. What do all funding sources have in common? How can you know know the exact funding guidelines of every funding source? We know what funding sources have to offer and we know what it takes for you to pre-qualify.

Receivable Funding
Receivable Funding - What is reveivable financing? What are some key points of receivable financing?

SBA Lenders
Sba Lenders - How do you get the funding you need without government backing? What is a prevailing misconception when dealing with SBA loans? What are some advantages and benefits? Who is eligible for SBA funding?

SBA Loan
Sba Loan - SBA loan funding or government small business loan financing offers a wide variety of loan guarantee programs to fund small businesses that can't otherwise qualify for loans on reasonable terms. What are two important points about SBA loan programs? What criteria must you meet to qualify?

Small Business Credit Line
Small Business Credit Line - How can a small business credit line provide you with room to breath? Small business credit line financing, also called an operating loan, provides a business with money to cover day-to-day expenses. Do you need money to take advantage of a unique business opportunity, cover an unexpected shortage of cash, or implement new strategies and expansion models?

Small Business Equipment Financing
Small Business Equipment Financing -

Small Business Loan
Small Business Loan - What does it take to get a small business loan? Learn how to get approved for financing today.