Start Up Business Loans Site Map

Start Up Business Loans Site Map

Business Plan Review
Business Plan Review - What exactly is a business plan review? How can it make a difference in whether or not I get approved for financing? Learn more about this topic.

Collateral Note
Collateral Note - What is a collateral note? A collateral note is a promissory not secured byt the pledge of specific company assets.

Credit Line
Credit Line - What is a credit line? A credit line is an arrangement in which a bank or vendor extends a specified amount of unsecured credit to a specified borrower for a specified time period.

Equipment Leasing
Equipment Leasing - Why lease the equipment that you need rather than purchasing? Come see some advantages to equipment leasing and answers to important questions about leasing.

First Round Funding
First Round Funding - First round funding or "venture capital" typically follows seed and early stage capital. First round funding sources are primarily hands-off investors who will open their rolodexes to aid you with their contact base and open their wallets to invest in your ready-for-market business.

Government Grants
Government Grants - What are government grants? A government grant is funding for a non-profit organization, usually for specific research or a specialized project.

Micro Loans

Outside Financing
Outside Financing - What is outside financing? Outside financing is the issuance of debt or equity from a source outside of the company.

Personal Guarantee
Personal Guarantee - What is a personal guarantee? A personal guarantee is a promise made by an entrepreneur which carries an obligation to personally repay the company debts in the event of default.

Private Equity Placements
Private Equity Placements - Private equity placements refers to private capital investors that invest specifically in your company. How can they be an invaluable resource to your venture? What are some interesting facts about private equity placements?

Small Business Government Loan
Small Business Government Loan - What is an SBA loan? Why use an SBA loan? What can I use an SBA loan for?Who is eligible? How much can I borrow?

Small Business Loan Online
Small Business Loan Online - The easy way to get financing for: cash flow, payroll, advertising, hiring of additional personnel, purchases, inventory, new business ventures, working capital, debt payments, tax payments, for just about anything! How can you do this? Will I have to give up my equipment? What other advantages are there to this type of small business loan online?