The Art and Science of Obtaining Venture or Angel Investor Capital

Many entrepreneurs set off in search of venture capital without ever having taken the time to know if they even qualify? Do they even know what firms offer close to what they are seeking? They are completely wasting their time while the window of opportunity closes.

Wonder what it Took for those Companies who Raised Millions? What did They Know that You Don't?

    In this Valuable Book you will learn:

  • How to test your qualifications for angel investors.
  • Exactly where to begin your angel investor quest.
  • The mistakes that can lead to the death of your deal.
  • The difference between angels and capitalists.
  • How to do your angel investor homework.
  • The most common myths about angel investors.
  • Networking secrets that open the doors for you.

What you will learn in this book:

The Truth About Venture Capitalists and what they require to invest in you.

The Venture Capital Test, pass the test or look for capital someplace else.

The Ten “ing’s” of Investors; finding, identifying, researching, preparing ...

Seven “No’s” Kill a Deal; no viable niche, no exit strategy, no reality check ...

Angels & Capitalists are Different; time, money, location, networks ...

Venture Capital Mythology; control, performance, ownership, valuation ...

Business Plan for Success; concept, marketplace, revenue assumptions ...

What others have said about the information they received:

"Thank you for the excellent advice -- I thought I knew what I was doing, but you helped plug some very important holes that would have got me declined"  C. Thompson

"I went online to begin my hunt for startup monies for a business my daughter is establishing. Without your information I would have gone off in totally the wrong direction. Thank you."  M. Lawrence

"You provide a deep mine of knowledge on business finance. I am really very grateful for that today. Your consulting was once again the very best."  H. Singh

"The information and directions you provided helped me very much in business planning and getting started the right way. Big thanks on your help and information!"  S. Shiskin

"Thank you for compiling and presenting the comprehensive business funding information. I found your insights to be very useful and straight-forward from a been-there-done-that perspective. It sure worked for me."  N. Queenan

"Some of this information I already knew from college and other sources, but most of it was invaluable new information for my business. Great service."  J. Reynolds

"I had a prior business and this was like dejavu. So much of what you say is in line with the way I ran my bizz, but then I was shocked at how many things I did wrong last time,"  R. Tochi

"Thank you so much for your good information. This is one of the best things I have acquired for my business."  Y. Noh

"You took what I thought was a complicated and possibly even an undoable task and your information made it easy. Thank you so much"  C. Kirby


       Here is the Complete Business Finance Success Series:
Book 1 - How to Prepare & Present a Successful Business Funding Request
This book I wrote to guide you through the getting ready and being prepared to go seek funding. It is written in a workbook style to allow you to fill in the critical blanks about your business, your industry, your margins, your revenue projections, etc. It is designed to give you insights into what lenders want and require to approve your business funding request. It is an easy read, step-by-step, and vital if you are serious about getting funded.
Book 2 - How to Build Your Business Credit Scores ... Fast
There are so many misconceptions out there about business credit, such as; "How many business credit reporting agencies are there?" Many people say "one", many other will say "five", when in reality there are three. What are the very different roles of the three agencies? What is a bank rating and why is it important? Lenders have a 20 item approval checklist, what is on it? What is vendor credit, why is it vital, and how do I get approved for it? Are there business credit cards available that won't show up on my personal credit? How long does it take to build business credit? Those are just some of the questions that are answered in this book. Ready?
Book 3 - The Art and Science of Obtaining Venture or Angel Investor Capital
In my 30 years in business finance I have seen tens of thousands of business owners waste their time looking for Angel Investors or Venture Capital when they had no clue if they qualified or even where to start. The book takes out all the guess work. You will be able to see quickly and easily if your business or idea has investment merit. You will clear and concise directions on what to do to best position your company to make it attractive for investment capital. If you are considering seeking investment capital, then this is the place to start.
Book 4 - Start A Business - Where To Begin and How To Grow
Talk to almost any successful business owner and they will tell you "I learned so much by making mistakes, if only I had known". This book is "Start a Business 101" or "What They Don't Teach in Business School". It covers those little things that you will wish you had known down the road. It will help keep you from making mistakes that you later had to learn from and many of those mistakes cost a lot of money! Make sure your business gets started right and doesn't have to go back and correct all those mistakes later. Save time and money now.

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