Venture Capital Site Map

Venture Capital Site Map

Angel Investor
Angel Investor - Angel investors provide roughly one-seventh or more of the funding for start-up and early-growth firms in the U.S. What is a "typical" profile of an Angel Investor?

Angel Investor Guide
Angel Investor Guide - Ever thought about seeking Angel investors? Wonder what it took for those companies who received millions? What secrets did they know that you don't? Learn all different aspects of venture or angel investor capital in this free book.

Angel Investors
Angel Investors - What are angel investors and how can you locate one? What is the profile of an Angel Investor? It is estimated that one-seventh of the start/early growth firms in the US receive funding from angel investors. Come search a database of angel investors and find the capital you need.

Angel Private Investment
Angel Private Investment - Who is the Angel Investor? These investors offer expertise, experience, and contacts that can be invaluable to the new venture. What are some other interesting facts about these investors?

Angel Private Investments
Angel Private Investments - How can Angel private investments help you? The situation facing most new businesses today is that there is a critical need for start up and early round financing, but the vast majority of these companies do not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. Where, How, and by Whom are start-up companies still getting financed?

Angel Private Investors
Angel Private Investors - Who are the typical Angel private investors? What do you need to know about these investors and how can you find one? Let us help you find your angel.

Vc - Who are venture capital (VC) investments for? What are the requirements?

Venture Capital
Venture Capital - What is venture capital? What does your business need to obtain venture capital financing?

Venture Capital Companies
Venture Capital Companies - What are venture capital companies? Venture capitla companies are investment companies that invests their funds in startup companies or businesses and other risky - but potentially very profitable ventures.

Venture Capital Equity
Venture Capital Equity - What is venture capital equity? Venture capital equity is the business of investing financial and human capital in partnership with your management team to create new businesses and expand existing ones. What is the typical size of the investment?

Venture Capital Financing
Venture Capital Financing - Venture capital financing can provide you with critically needed injections of capital financing. There are millions of dollars available in the venture capital world. What are some of the characteristics venture capital investors are looking for?

Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Firms - Venture capital firms invest in rapidly growing companies. They will target companies with experienced management teams that can articulate, and ideally demonstrate a business model that builds long term value for their shareholders and a venture-like return for their limited partners. What are other characteristics these investors look for?

Venture Capital Fund
Venture Capital Fund - Venture capital fund money can supply your company with the capital it needs to succeed. What are the average investment amounts?

Venture Capital Funding & Financing
Venture Capital Funding - What is venture capital funding? What is the typical investment criteria? What are some items you may need to begin the evaluation process with a venture capitalist?

Venture Capital Guide
Venture Capital Guide - Ever thought about seeking venture capital or private investors? Wonder what it took for those companies who received millions? What secrets did they know that you don't? Learn this and more with your free venture capital guide?

Venture Capital Investors
Venture Capital Investors - Who are venture capital investors? Venture capital investors are committed to achieving profitability, growth and your success by providing financial networking and management assistance to small business entrepreneurs with strong product growth potential and service expansion. What other things do venture capital investors provide capital for? What is the typical investment structure and criteria?

Venture Capital Limited Partnership
Venture Capital Limited Partnership - A venture capital limited partnership is a limited partnership which is formed to invest in small buisnesses with exceptional growth.