Working Capital Site Map

Working Capital Site Map

Asset Based Lending
Asset Based Lending - What is asset base lending? What are asset base loans perfect for? Why consider asset based financing for capital?

Best Business Credit Card
Best Business Credit Card - What is the best credit card for your business? How can you obtain the best business credit card available to your business? Get all of your questions answered.

Business Borrowing Guide
Business Borrowing Guide - Why should you use a business borrowing guide? How using one can get your business in a position to receive the financing it needs?

Business Credit Line
Business Credit Line - Business credit line programs offer many different features in order to custom-fit to your business needs. What are some benefits of a business credit line you should consider? A business credit line proves to be an excellent vehicle for maintaining a healthy cash-flow and managing a successful business.

Business Funding Resources

Commercial Account Receivable Financing
Commercial Account Receivable Financing - Commercial account receivable financing, or the sale of accounts receivable to a "factor", is one of the oldest forms of financing. What are some of the services offered by factors? What could account receivable financing mean to your company?

Commercial Factoring
Commercial Factoring - How can commercial factoring maximize your cash flow? Is this sort of financing right for your business? What steps are next for obtaining capital.

Credit For Business
Credit For Business - Why is credit for business such a big concern for owners? Learn what you can do to make sure you establish business credit the right way to increase the chances of getting approved for business financing?

Factoring Account Receivable
Factoring Account Receivable - Why is factoring accounts receivable the best solution for quick payments? How does factoring work? Who are the ideal candidates? What is the main objective of factoring account receivable invoices?

Finding Business Funding
Finding Business Funding - If you try to find funding on your own, you must know if the funding source offers what you are looking for and know if you have what the funding source is looking for. The business finance market is so highly fragmented that it is almost impossible to navigate for funding ... until now! You could try it on your own, but why would you? We will do it for you and our system takes all the guess work out of the process.

Government Small Business Financing
Government Small Business Financing - Could government small business financing through the SBA 7(a) program be your answer? SBA loans offer competitive rates and tend to have longer terms, no points, no balloons and no pre-pay penalties with terms under 15 years.

How To Get Business Credit
How To Get Business Credit - Why is business credit so important to your business? How can you plan to be successful in getting good business credit scores? Learn all about how to get business credit on this page.

Invoice Advance
Invoice Advance - What is the problem most small, non-retail businesses face when selling their goods and/or services to medium and large-sized businesses or government agencies? How can the financial tool known as factoring help solve this inevitable cash flow problem?

Leaseback Cash

Loans to Small Business
Loans To Small Business - What is a sale-leaseback? How can you create working capital with a sale-leaseback loan? Why would I use my equipment to get working capital? What else should you consider with a sale lease-back?

Merchant Account Advance
Merchant Account Advance - Why do businesses love this new way to accees quick capital? What is a merchant account advance? Learn all about this unique new financing method.

Minority Business Financing
Minority Business Financing - What is minority business financing? Minority business financing is the process of providing working capital to minority owned businesses either through debt or equity.

New Business Financing
New Business Financing - If you are like most businesses, financing your business is a long, hard and tough road to go with never ending rejections. Find out how we can get you up to $250,000 or more in unsecured business financing. What do you need to have for a quick response for financing approval?

Private Equity Placement
Private Equity Placement - Private equity placement capital is money that is invested into your business by individuals that also contribute their skills. What are some benefits to having capital injected from a private equity placement investor? Why will most new businesses never qualify for traditional loans from major lending institutions.

Purchase Order Funding
Purchase Order Funding - Purchase order funding is short term financing that provides 100% of your costs to fill orders from creditworthy customers. If you are reselling or distributing a finished product we can provide 100% of your costs to fill the order. What are the benefits of purchase order funding? Who typically qualifies for purchase order funding?

Real Estate Sale and Leaseback
Real Estate Sale And Leaseback - What is real estate sale and leaseback? Real estate sale and leaseback financing is when a business sells its commercial property for its fair market value and then immediately leases it back. What is the most important part of this type of program? What are some resulting benefits?

Regulation D Offering
Regulation D Offering - What is a regulation D offering? A regulation D offering is an SEC regulation that governs private placement exemption offering to accredited investors.

Revolving Line Of Credit
Revolving Line Of Credit - What is a revolving line of credit? A revolving line of credit is an agreement by a lender to lend a specific amount to a borrower, and then allow that amount to be borrowed again after it has been repaid.

Secured Credit Line
Secured Credit Line - Secured credit line financing can be critical for cash flow management and proper or improper management of cash flow can make or break your business. How can a secure credit line maximize your equity?

Small Business Funding
Small Business Funding - What is small business funding? Small business funding is the process of providing working capital to small businesses either through debt or equity.

Startup Funding
Startup Funding - Startup Funding is provided to foster a concept, develop the initial product or service and carry out the associated marketing. In most cases, who is startup funding provided by? What are some terms you should be willing to accept for the investment?

Unsecured Business Loan
Unsecured Business Loan - What is an unsecured business loan? Unsecured business loan financing allows you to borrow funds for purchasing equipment, remodeling, or expanding your business premises. What is usually the maximum amount of financing provided for startup businesses? What are the benefits of an unsecured business loan?

Working Capital Financing
Working Capital Financing - What is working capital financing? Working capital financing is the lifeblood of your growing business. If you have commercial real estate and income producing equipment, you can obtain a working capital loan that can help pay down credit lines or accounts payable thus paving the way for growth opportunities. What is the typical loan amount and terms?

Working Capital Loans
Working Capital Loans - What are working capital loans? What are the five most common sources of short-term working capital loans? How can I get approved for financing?