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Along your entrepreneurial journey, take the time to thank those who help you. If you will treat others the way you would like to be treated, you will find that people will go out of their way to help you. I have tried my best to give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience. I sincerely hope I have helped you. In 1995 I founded to help business owners just like you. Our mission statement is "To Help Businesses Grow and Succeed". Today I am still the CEO […]

10. Management and Personnel Management organizational chart and bios of senior personnel Detail of any labor disputes Employee compensation plans including pension, options, profit sharing, deferred compensation and retirement Management incentive plans including pension, option, profit sharing, deferred compensation, retirement and any non-cash compensation Employee confidentiality Agreements Listing of any consulting Agreements […]

4. Tax Status Federal and state income tax returns for the last three years Detail of any tax audits 5. Contracts and Agreements List of Bank and non-Bank lenders Joint venture and partnership agreements License agreements Purchase agreements Liens, equipment leases, mortgages or any other outstanding loans Insurance contracts and agreements Contracts with suppliers, vendors and customers Any additional […]

Below is a sample of the extensive amount of information that venture capital firms are going to require in order to "just consider" funding your capital request. The burden of providing all this information is going to be on you and your management team. Having been through this process a few times myself, I can tell you from personal experience that it is very painful and extremely time consuming. You will end up putting your business on hold while you proceed through this maze. […]

There are over 4,000 institutional sources of business capital in the United States and each one has different criteria for funding a deal. Each one of these sources will tell you NO for just "one thing". By yourself how can you possibly know what that "one thing" might be? Less than 3% of businesses that attempt to receive funding on their own ever do! The bottom line is that you are foolish for going it on your own. If you apply at multiple places without pre-qualifying, […]

" knows where The Money is" Connecting entrepreneurs who are searching for capital, directly to Funding Sources with capital available to place. That’s really the whole point, isn’t it? matches your specific funding request with the lending or investing criteria of Funding Sources who have capital to place. Don’t waste your valuable time talking to sources that can’t help you. Get your request in front of those Funding Sources that […]

The Double Talker Who presents few substantiated facts and tends to over promise. His or her proposals sound too good to be true.The Droner Who just doesn’t know when to stop. The presentation goes on endlessly, with no respect for the audience’s time. The Techie Who presents too many details and little bottom line content. Techies often get bogged down with charts and graphs that are difficult to read and understand. The Stiff Who stands behind the podium with hands folded, reading […]

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right venture forum Attend a small forum to help you better learn the process. But keep in mind the following tips for evaluating venture forums: If the application process is highly selective, chances are the number of potential investors present could be substantially higher. A larger application fee sometimes translates into more investors. When you call to get more information on a forum, find out the ratio of investors to service providers. Will […]

XIII. TEST YOUR METTLE AT VENTURE CAPITAL FORUMS You need tons of money. You have no financial contacts. Where can you turn? Many entrepreneurs have found what they need in venture forums. Any entrepreneur who’s ever chased venture capital dollars can tell you the process is often a brutal, soul-stripping experience. For those without Ivy League connections or friends and family in the right places, finding someone to quickly scan your executive summary or listen to your "elevator" […]

5. Poor timing. Entrepreneurs frequently say too much or don’t say enough. Either extreme is deadly. When the presentation is too long, it puts investors to sleep, indicates the entrepreneur is unsophisticated about the rules of engagement and is uncertain about what information is important. When the presentation is too short, the entrepreneur appears to be unwilling to share information. The optimal length of time to get across the history and potential is 30 minutes. 6. Weak live demonstrations. Live […]