Archive: August 2009

Find a business credit card at How to get business credit with no personal guarantee? That is a very good question. The key to getting business credit with no personal guarantee is to first establish good business credit scores with all three business credit reporting agencies. To do that, you must find vendors, suppliers and credit card companies that will give you a little credit for your business without using your personal credit score as the basis. Then the real secret […]

Finding credit cards for a new business can be a daunting task. There are some things that you must do first. The first thing is to make sure that you have separated your personal credit from your business credit. Then make sure that the card you are applying for is going to report your business credit to the business credit reporting agencies and not connect it to you personally. There are over 500 business credit cards out there, but less than sixty will even consider approving you for one […]

Business credit application completion can seem like an insurmountable task at times. The standard business credit application calls for you to complete more documentation than you fill out when you apply for a home loan and certainly more than for any consumer credit. Lenders when considering supplying credit to a business most make sure that the business credit application contains not only everything they need to know about the business, but everything the want to know about the entrepreneur […]

Credit for business is a main concern for the owners of small businesses everywhere. There are few things that are as critical to the success of a small business. Yet most business owners never invest any time towards the drafting and executing of a small business "credit" plan. Credit for business begins with a plan. First, there are many items that lenders require your business to have taken care of in order to even be considered for a business loan. Such as your business must be […]

How to establish business credit, is a step-by step process. The first step is for you to make sure that your business foundation is set and that your business has done the simple items that lenders require and that will at least get you listed with the business credit agencies. Once you have made sure that your business foundation is correct, the next step is to develop business borrowing relationships vendors and suppliers that are willing to extend to your business credit payment terms and […]

How to get business credit is a planned process and doesn’t just happen by mistake. If you have a 680 personal credit score or above, then you know that didn’t happen by accident. You planned it, you paid your bills on time and you didn’t over extend yourself. The same is true to getting great business credit scores. Building business credit probably the main element in the success of your business being able to receive that financing it needs. Business owners who take the time to build excellent […]

Business loans with bad credit can be a very difficult thing. Difficult, but not impossible. If your personal credit scores are below 640 you are going to need excellent business credit scores to get approved for business loans. Lenders look at the risk involved in making your loan and that is going to be determined according to your credit history. Unfortunately individuals with a history of bad credit are more likely to have late payment and/or to default entirely. Banks won’t even think […]

Small business lines of credit can be very important to your business success. A line of credit provides your business with the working capital it may need to purchase inventory, to finance receivables, to be able to take advantage of supplier discounts, and to better manage your cash flow. Getting approved for a small business lines of credit is based on a your specific credit situation and typically that includes both personal and business credit. From the business credit side, lenders will […]

A business line of credit is typically an unsecured revolving line of credit that is tied directly to your business checking account. This can make a substantial amount of cash available to your business when you need it. Business lines of credit can be used to provide cash to help your business take care of short term needs. Credit are lines are not tied to specific uses so they can be used for any need such as inventory, working capital, capital equipment or being able to take advantage of […]