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SBA Loans

BusinessFinance Staff January 24, 2012 No Comments

SBA loans are government supported financing for your business SBA loans are an excellent source of funding for your business. The Small Business Administration offers a variety of loan guarantee programs. These programs help a business that may not qualify for a loan get approved on reasonable terms. The SBA does not actually give you the money, the commercial banks will loan you the money. With SBA loans there is no limit to the amount of capital you can request. There is pretty good flexibility […]

Franchise financing can be a frustrating process without knowing your options. Apart from your local bank, these options fall under 3 main categories: 1. SBA Financing The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees loans for private banks/lenders. Programs include the popular 7(a) loan for up to $100,000. 2. Non-SBA and Specialty Franchise Financing There are commercial lenders that specialize in franchise financing through equipment leases and structured term loans. There is also the […]

Being an entrepreneur is very hard and it means that you are willing to take the risks that most people won’t. Developing a business, requesting funding from strangers, and facing rejection makes it even harder. Funding your business is a science and not guess work. Are you ready? My experience with business funding began with my own company during the S&L collapses of the late 1980’s. My business was financed by two savings and loans that both were seized by federal regulators within […]

Purchase order financing offers quick cash flow reserves. Purchase order financing is an excellent method for a business to obtain quick capital. It is a great solution for when cash flow reserves are low. The problem happens with many businesses because the suppliers want you to pay upfront with a C.O.D., but your customers want to pay you on net 30 or net 60 day terms. Cash flow is a common problem for manufacturing companies especially because while the goods are in transit, the invoices […]