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Micro Loans

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Micro loans provide your business with small capital injections that can really make a huge difference to your company. Typically micro loans are $35,000 and under. They also work for both newly established and start-up companies. No matter what stage in the developing your business is in, you should consider this financing option. These micro loans are most often provided by the SBA (Small Business Administration) as they provide the money to non-profit community lenders who are responsible for […]

Merchant Account

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Merchant account processing is provided by a central bank account that consolidates your payments from credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and other payment processing services. Opening a merchant account lets you accept virtually any type of payment from your customers and offers you the widest possible means of handling those payments. We want to provide you with the ability to process credit card transactions online. This is done by setting up your business with what is known as an […]

Investment property financing is money so your business can make money. Investment property financing enables you to buy the property that will give you the highest return on your investment. There are quality lenders available in our free business funding directory of over 4,000 lenders that would greatly enjoy assisting you with obtaining investment property financing. This money can be used for the purchase of properties like apartment buildings or condos for example. You can get this sort […]

Income property financing is money for the purchase of cash flow property. Income property financing can be obtained with the right plan in place. All lenders want to make sure that you have a good plan in place before you attempt to acquire a loan. They want to feel comfortable giving their money because they are taking a big risk by loaning out money. If you can make the lender feel comfortable that you are a good candidate for your income property financing, than your chances of getting approved […]

Funding Request

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Funding Request – How To Prepare a Successful Request Even an outstanding business idea won’t win funding if it isn’t presented in the right way and you normally only get one chance. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: Plan & develop a successful strategic position Support the amount of money you will need Plan and present a winning repayment plan Prepare professional income statement projections Perform accurate budget and cash flow projections Prepare a compelling funding presentation Know […]

Leasing the equipment you need rather than purchasing: Gives you the equipment, software, and furniture your business needs Does not tie up your cash, receivables, credit cards, or bank lines Reduces the amount of cash you need and can be expensed for taxes "Very Impressive. Your service opened the doors for us to get the money we needed." Allan Morrell – US Publishing, Inc.   Capital Type Capital Type Definition Leasing Contract […]

Accounts receivable loans are owed by customers to the business; amounts owed to a business for goods and services sold by the business but not yet collected. A key factor in analyzing liquidity of a business is the ability to meet current obligations without additional revenues. Need immediate capital? Sell your receivables to a "Factor" at a slight discount. Accounts receivable loans (also called Invoice Factoring) is an expedient means of acquiring working capital by […]

Accounts payable financing is money owed by the business to suppliers; amounts owed to others (creditors) on an open account for goods and services purchased by a business. Should I borrow to cover overdue payables? In many cases, yes. As a business, preserving a good standing with your creditors/suppliers is critical. Not only do you want to preserve business relationships, you want to preserve your business credit. Your business credit – Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet […]

Ever thought about seeking Angel investors?     –  Wonder what it took for those companies who received millions?        –  What secrets did they know that you don’t? Successful businesses are well planned and well capitalized. Being well capitalized means having the ability to access capital when you need it. However, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be venture capital. But if venture capital is what you want, then this book […]

Angel Investors

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Angel investors,  just locating one is half the battle It is estimated that one-seventh of the start/early growth firms in the US receive funding from angel investors. This private investment group exceeds venture capital sources which are estimated at $5 – $7 billion spread over 1,000 venture investments each year. Angel investors typically require a very high rate of return to compensate for the amount of risk they take on when funding early stage and start-up companies. Unlike venture […]