Archive: September 2013

When most people think about starting and financing a small business, they probably think of bank loans. However, since the financial crisis, banks have tightened their lending belts, making it much more difficult for small businesses to borrow money these days. The good news is there are plenty of other less-traditional sources of funding available to entrepreneurs. Government Loans The Small Business Administration guarantees all sorts of loans, from microloans of just a few thousand dollars […]

Just like with a residential mortgage, obtaining a loan for a commercial property requires that you meet certain minimum financial requirements. Some of the most common qualifications for a commercial mortgage include good business or personal credit, an adequate loan-to-value ratio and sufficient borrower income. Credit Commercial lenders will use your credit score to judge how trustworthy you will be as a borrower, how likely you are to repay their loan. The minimum credit score that each […]