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When it comes to business loans, the borrower’s credit score is often the first thing lenders look at to determine whether to make the loan.

Start-up companies looking for an injection of cash and perhaps some mentoring can often find a good fit in an angel investor.

A commercial mortgage loan is designed to help business owners or investors buy real estate connected with their business place of work, but commercial mortgages can be used for many other purposes beyond simply buying an office building. They can help you with virtually all your business’ physical space needs.

Running a small business after bankruptcy can be difficult, especially because it can stay on your credit history for as long as seven to ten years. Just because you had a bankruptcy doesn’t mean getting a bank loan is out of the question though. With a few extra preparations, you can overcome that financial blemish and keep your business flowing with funds. Address the Elephant in the Room It can be embarrassing to air out your fiscal dirty laundry with strangers, but being up front about […]

Finding enough funding is often one of the hardest parts of starting your own company. Venture capitalists can be the solution to your small business financing needs, provided you entice the right ones to your enterprise. The Washington Post reported that venture capitalists contributed $26.5 billion to start-up firms in 2012. So how do you attract investors and secure a piece of that funding? Highlight Your Business’ Unique Selling Points Venture capitalists – individuals or groups willing […]