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Even those who have been rejected for loans from big banks in the past several years may now have a good chance of scoring a loan. Just be sure to do some essential preparation in order to lock in that financing

Crowdfunding is one of the newest and fastest-growing ways to fund certain small business ventures….

The decision to lease or buy your business space is a complex one, more challenging even than deciding to rent or own a home. Take a look at a just a few factors you ought to consider before making a decision. How Fast Do You Expect Your Business to Grow? Trying to anticipate the size of your business in the next five or ten years can be difficult. If you foresee the need for more space in the future, you might be better off leasing for now until your growth reaches a plateau. If your business […]

So, you’ve got a million-dollar idea, but you aren’t sure how to start funding your entrepreneurial dreams. Here are some ideas on how you can gather the capital for your business…

While P2P loans offer some great benefits for business owners, traditional bank loans are definitely not falling by the wayside just yet. Here’s how they stack up against each other

It can be a tough requirement for some firms, but the collateral stipulation does help keep down the interest rates and fees on these coveted small business loans

Here are six ways of getting your business credit rating up, so you get access to all of the funding sources you need to be successful

Among the number of growing alternative sources of funding, business owners can now consider revenue-based financing