Archive: May 2014

Business is going well and you are receiving orders faster than you can fill them and faster than you can pay for the supplies. Traditional small business loans are often hard to get but you still need to find funding somehow. If this sounds like your situation, you may benefit from a bank line of credit called inventory financing. Inventory financing is a loan that uses your company’s inventory as collateral. This can be a great option for firms who have plenty of cash tied up in their inventory […]

Businesses often buy real estate to further the interests of their companies. In order to obtain that real estate most firms need the help of a lending institution – they need a commercial mortgage. If your company is considering a commercial loan, here are four important things you need to know. What Can You Use a Commercial Mortgage For? A commercial mortgage can obviously be used to purchase a piece of property for use by the business, most often the office building or warehouse where […]

Business equipment is essential for every business, whether its computers, industrial machinery or an office. There are basically two options for securing that equipment – buying it, whether outright or by financing it, and leasing, which is like renting or in some cases, renting to own. The choice between buying and leasing the needed supplies can be a tough one for business owners. Each one offers its own unique benefits. Benefits of Buying For those companies that can afford to buy equipment […]

Starting a business and bringing it successfully to maturity requires lots of cash. Fortunately it does not all have to be provided by the business owner. As a business grows, the sources of funding expand as well. Here’s what every start-up should know about the traditional rounds of funding Seed Round After an entrepreneur gets her big idea, the next step is to drum up enough cash to put the product or service together – to actually bring the idea to life. This stage of funding is often […]