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There are plenty of ways to give your credit score a pick-me-up, but focusing on correcting these three will help you get back into the credit shape that will make your business more attractive to banks.

After evaluating your small business from the perspective of a prospective lender, you should be much better prepared and confident to ask for the financing you need.

In searching for an extra boost of financing for your company you have probably researched resources like angel investors and venture capitalists. One funding group you may not have considered is the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC). There are hundreds of these Small Business Administration-backed investment firms with plenty of ready capital waiting to be devoted to the right company. SBICs have been around for more than half a century and today there are over 300 operating firms. The […]

Business loans are not the only path to steady cash flow for non-profits. Among the many different ways to finance a non-profit company is to host a fundraising event. While this requires a lot of careful planning and hard work, it can definitely pay off financially. Determine the Event Type A successful fundraising activity can take many forms. Cocktail and formal dinners are popular and traditional events, but golf tournaments, 5k runs, auctions, and galas with famous entertainers are also […]

Most small businesses will need loan financing at one point or another and local banks and credit unions can close that gap in funding. But finding the right lender can be tricky. Here are a few tips on finding the best fit for your business needs. Ask for Referrals Knowing that someone you know has already had a good experience with a particular lender is often the best way to find bank for your business. Colleagues, suppliers and other trade partners may have suggestions for you based on their […]

You may heard of it as vendor financing. Maybe you know it as supplier credit. We’re talking about supplier financing – essentially a short term credit extension from your suppliers for the equipment or goods you need today. While you may not view this as a type of loan, technically it is a way to help temporarily help fund your business. Starting Up From Scratch Supplier financing can be especially handy for those just beginning their small businesses. When there is virtually no money available, […]