Archive: March 2015

Trying to find enough working capital to keep a small business running is a constant challenge for most entrepreneurs. Advertising is a necessary but sometimes costly expense for new companies. Using alternative marketing and advertising strategies can cut those costs and provide more cash for other vital parts of the business. Here are a few suggestions: Many companies have found it advantageous to pair up with businesses that provide complementary (but not competing) services or products to […]

Financing a small business is a tall order, but if your company is involved in scientific research and development, you may be one of the lucky few firms that can receive grant funding from the federal government. Through an initiative called the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, the U.S. Small Business Administration provides working capital to companies filling specific research needs. This program has been around since 1982 with the purpose of “enhanc[ing] the nation’s defense, […]

If your business is ready take the plunge and invest in its own commercial real estate, the biggest hurdle is often finding the funding. Lenders require very detailed documentation and projections for commercial mortgages. Before you hand in your application, here are a few items to check off your list: Have You Collected All Pertinent Documents? Whether or not your bank requires all of these records, it would be smart to have things like insurance quotes for the commercial property and the […]

Starting up a new business venture is often requires a lot of cash, sometimes even more than you can pull together from savings and your home equity. After you have tapped friends and family, a funding gap can still remain. Small business loans can make up that shortfall at affordable rates and terms. Yet banks and credit unions have been especially careful with their small business loans since the Great Recession, requiring impeccable credit records. Start-ups and fledgling firms typically do […]