Archive: May 2015

Just like finding funding is the main priority of most new small businesses, fundraising is often the focus of non-profit organizations. There are many ways to fundraise, but the key to success is keeping your whole team focused as you implement a carefully-planned strategy. An effective strategy starts with the right attitude. Instead of feeling like you are begging for money, think of fundraising as developing partnerships with donors, as connecting people with your cause. The rest of a winning […]

Perhaps your small business has only used credit cards as an emergency form of funding. Or maybe you worry that the interest rates are too high. Yet managed correctly, business credit cards can be a great asset to your firm, even simplifying your bookkeeping and making your financial records work much more efficiently for you. Simplified Statements If you start making all of your business purchases with your company card, keeping track of your finances will be a piece of cake. Your monthly credit […]

Franchise businesses can provide a great opportunity to for owners to leave behind the rigid schedules and rules of being an employee and gives them the chance to be their own bosses. If those perks have enticed you and you have started looking into buying a franchise, you may have been surprised by how much financial information the franchisor wanted you to share up front. While this can be intimidating and somewhat unnerving, it actually makes a lot of sense from the franchisor’s perspective. Franchisors […]

Starting a small business often means wearing many hats, trying to cover as many jobs personally without hiring additional staff. There comes a point, however, when so many responsibilities are impossible for one or just a few people to handle. One alternate option to hiring full-time employees is to contract with freelancers for specific functions. Because contract positions do not come with benefits, insurance or training, business owners can end up saving a lot of money and freeing up valuable […]