Archive: February 2016

Finding ways to continually please your customers and increase your profits are at the heart of most businesses. Creating more working capital and beefing up business funding are also high on the priority list. One strategy to boost sales and revenue many companies overlook is the art of ‘up-selling’ and its sister ‘cross-selling.’ Up-selling means asking a customer to buy something more or better than they originally intended to (think: you planned to buy a condo but your agent convinced […]

Start-up companies have traditionally been out of luck when it comes to scoring venture capital funding, but the VC landscape has seen some definite shifts in the past few years. Now entrepreneurs just starting out may have more financing options than ever before. The progression of technology is helping to make venture capital investment groups more attractive and easier to form. Investors can come together from different parts of the country or even the globe and meet together as often as possible […]

Growing a business takes hard work, patience and usually a lot of cash. Small business loans can be one way to access the kind of working capital you need. Taking on debt for your business can be a little scary, but there are some times when the benefits can really outweigh the risks. Consider the following three reasons why it might be time to get a small business loan. 1. You Need to Hire New Employees If your company is growing fast enough that you need more help but don’t have the cash […]

When starting a business, entrepreneurs will generally look anywhere and everywhere for funding. Families and friends get tapped, credit cards are maxed out. Traditional small business loans can be difficult for newcomers to secure. Plus the idea of having to pledge their own assets like their houses or cars is a scary thought for many new business owners. At this point, many entrepreneurs turn to unsecured business loans for financing help. An unsecured business loan is one that does not require […]

Having a stellar idea for a product or service is the first key ingredient to building a successful business. Putting sound financial strategies into place is possibly the next key piece to making sure your company thrives. Without a financial plan of how to manage business expenses and earnings, there is a good chance that soon there will be no money left to manage. Here are three of the most important rules for putting your business finances on a safe and secure path. Bootstrapping Often Beats […]

Most businesses experience times when they desperately need some cash to bridge a gap in funding. This could be during a period when capital has gone out to inventory or filling new orders but accounts receivable have not yet been collected from big accounts. It could also be during a seasonal low. Whatever the reason, among the few financing options available to businesses, a second lien loan may be the right choice. A second lien loan is a secured loan, tied to one of the company’s assets, […]