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Alternative lenders have offered Americans a viable loan option since the Great Recession and associated legislative regulation put a strangle-hold on traditional business lending. The number of alternative lenders has grown exponentially in the past several years, making online loans and alternative financing easier than ever to obtain. And yet there have been some major concerns about this segment of the loan market. There have certainly been many horror stories reported about astronomical interest […]

Securing a small business loan can sometimes mean the difference between failure and survival for new and growing companies. Yet there are many mistakes some entrepreneurs make when preparing to apply for small business funding. Putting some basic principles into practice will help you avoid those mistakes and be in a better position to get that much needed cash infusion. 1. Safeguard your Credit Both your personal and business credit histories will be important to lenders evaluating your loan […]

In the wake of the financial crisis, alternative lenders popped up everywhere to fill the funding gap for small businesses. Today they continue to provide valuable financing options for many fledgling and growing companies, especially when traditional bank loans are still hard to come by. While alternative small business loans can be life-saving for some firms, it is important that entrepreneurs go into them having done their due diligence. That means having fully researched at least the following […]

In the years following the Great Recession, small business owners found themselves faced with limited access to capital as spooked lenders avoided risk as much as possible. And while small business lending has picked up a little in recent months, the dearth of funding has sent entrepreneurs away from their traditional bank in search of better pickings. A recent Ernst and Young reportĀ found that nearly one in five businesses changed its primary bank within the past year, a sign that business owners […]