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Entering into a relationship with an angel investor can be a huge business funding benefit to a new startup company. A large infusion of cash can go a long way towards purchases of needed inventory, machinery, employee salaries or any number of vital expenses for a growing business. However, angel investors come in many shapes and sizes. Each one is also motivated to invest by many different reasons. Discovering that specific motivation can help you decide if you are partnering with the right angel […]

There are seemingly millions of articles out there on the Internet handing out advice on how to financially run a better business and it can be difficult to sort through all the static. In reality, there are a few basic principles that when followed will lead to success time and again. 1. Have Focus and Stick to It A business will be successful and find the needed investors when it has a clear mission and fulfills a real need. It is important to define your company’s meaning and then make financial […]

Traditonally, one of the biggest windfalls for fledgling companies has been the support of angel investors. These individuals or groups provide much needed capital to small businesses in exchange for convertible debt or equity in the company. In the past the only way to land angel investor deals was to make loads of business contacts, do lots of networking and make lots of pitches to individual or investment groups in the hopes that one might be interested. Today, more and more angel investors are […]

If you are prepared to give that information, you can kick your stress level down a notch and get to work at finding the right VC or angel investor

Angel investors and venture capitalists have been a major source of funding for small businesses in the past, but according to a recent survey by Massolution, crowdfunding may soon overtake both groups as the financing vehicle of choice. The survey found that crowdfunding is on track to provide more funding to small businesses by 2016 than VCs. The crowdfunding industry has grown from just $880 million in investments in 2010 to $16 billion in 2014 and a projected $34 billion for 2015. By contrast, […]

Your start-up or newer small business needs cash to get off the ground. Attracting the capital you require is no easy feat. Among the many sources you can try are angel investors – individuals who invest in fledgling companies, bringing funding and expertise. In order to score a partnership with an angel, entrepreneurs need to know what these investors are looking for. Good Recommendations Angel investors are often most interested in businesses recommended to them by friends or colleagues. […]

Pitching your company to angel investors or venture capitalists can be intimidating, especially when the fate of your start-up small business rests in their hands…

Start-up companies looking for an injection of cash and perhaps some mentoring can often find a good fit in an angel investor.