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Having enough cash on hand – working capital – to pay for day-to-day operations is essential for creating a successful small business and yet accomplishing that task is actually much tougher than it sounds. It will require some careful thought and planning. THINK BIG Start by making some long-term plans and projections for your business. You need to have a very good estimate of how much money you plan to bring in over the course of a month and during the whole year. You should also think through […]

As your small business grows, you may find it necessary to have employees make purchases for the company. Cash and business checks are possibilities, but both have limits and liabilities. Business credit cards can offer at least 3 great benefits: 1. Tracking Purchases is Simpler With business credit cards, all purchases are easy to track. You can simply go online to see complete records of every transaction. When using cash and reimbursements, it can easier for employees to fudge the numbers […]

Paying for the daily and long-term needs of a growing business can be challenging. Venture capital investments and small business loans can cover many of those costs, if you can get them. One of the easiest options for business funding is business credit cards. While they do not generally have high enough limits to finance all purchases, many daily expenses can be effectively managed with business credit cards. Beyond just purchasing power, these cards offer three great bonuses. Rewards Most […]