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‘Licensed and bonded.’ You may have come across that term before when searching for a plumber or other contractor, but what does the ‘bonded’ part mean? If you run a business that owes its existence to contracts or short-term projects, being bonded can make a huge difference. Being bonded means that your work is backed by a surety bond. This is basically like insurance to your clients that you will get the project done as promised or you will repay them for any financial losses if you […]

When starting a brand-new business, coming up with all the necessary financing can be a challenge. Most banks will not consider startups for small business loans and without a business credit history it can be difficult to get funding from alternative lenders as well. One option for procuring working capital that startup entrepreneurs can consider is bootstrapping by consulting as a side job. Startups often require money for equipment, retail space, employee salaries, or inventory. Taking on a […]