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The beginning stages of building a business from the ground up can be very challenging, to say the least. Time and money are at the top of most entrepreneurs’ wish lists. Yet even once your business is up and running, there are still hurdles to jump over. Here are three important challenges on the horizon to look out for. 1. Managing Money Effectively As soon as cash starts coming in, there needs to be a money management strategy in place. Business founders need to have defined boundaries between […]

Starting and running a business requires capital. The source of that capital can be variable depending on which stage a business is in. Below is a quick rundown of the most popular methods of business financing. Angel Investors Angel investors contribute money typically to fledgling businesses and they do so because they want to see the company or owner succeed. The money does not generally have to be repaid but investors may want some equity share or other remuneration. Bank Loans Banks […]

Business loans are not the only path to steady cash flow for non-profits. Among the many different ways to finance a non-profit company is to host a fundraising event. While this requires a lot of careful planning and hard work, it can definitely pay off financially. Determine the Event Type A successful fundraising activity can take many forms. Cocktail and formal dinners are popular and traditional events, but golf tournaments, 5k runs, auctions, and galas with famous entertainers are also […]

So, you’ve got a million-dollar idea, but you aren’t sure how to start funding your entrepreneurial dreams. Here are some ideas on how you can gather the capital for your business…