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In the years following the Great Recession, small business owners found themselves faced with limited access to capital as spooked lenders avoided risk as much as possible. And while small business lending has picked up a little in recent months, the dearth of funding has sent entrepreneurs away from their traditional bank in search of better pickings. A recent Ernst and Young report found that nearly one in five businesses changed its primary bank within the past year, a sign that business owners […]

The biggest challenge most small businesses face is access to capital. Small businesses need lots of cash to get off the ground, to grow and to expand. It is hard enough for most business owners to get a loan from their local bank, but for some it is almost impossible. These are the “credit invisibles,” according to a recent survey from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The report found that there “that there are 26 million adults in the United States without a credit record. This […]

Crowdfunding is one of the newest and fastest-growing ways to fund certain small business ventures….