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Businesses often buy real estate to further the interests of their companies. In order to obtain that real estate most firms need the help of a lending institution – they need a commercial mortgage. If your company is considering a commercial loan, here are four important things you need to know. What Can You Use a Commercial Mortgage For? A commercial mortgage can obviously be used to purchase a piece of property for use by the business, most often the office building or warehouse where […]

The decision to lease or buy your business space is a complex one, more challenging even than deciding to rent or own a home. Take a look at a just a few factors you ought to consider before making a decision. How Fast Do You Expect Your Business to Grow? Trying to anticipate the size of your business in the next five or ten years can be difficult. If you foresee the need for more space in the future, you might be better off leasing for now until your growth reaches a plateau. If your business […]

A commercial mortgage loan is designed to help business owners or investors buy real estate connected with their business place of work, but commercial mortgages can be used for many other purposes beyond simply buying an office building. They can help you with virtually all your business’ physical space needs.

Just like with a residential mortgage, obtaining a loan for a commercial property requires that you meet certain minimum financial requirements. Some of the most common qualifications for a commercial mortgage include good business or personal credit, an adequate loan-to-value ratio and sufficient borrower income. Credit Commercial lenders will use your credit score to judge how trustworthy you will be as a borrower, how likely you are to repay their loan. The minimum credit score that each […]