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When you are looking for business funding for a commercial mortgage, it is important to know the loan terms that will be required of you. One of the most important to understand is whether your commercial real estate loan is designated as recourse or non-recourse. Recourse Commercial Mortgages A recourse loan requires that the borrower is personally liable for the balance of the loan. That means that if the loan goes into default, the lender can seize and liquidate not only the collateral associated […]

Some people get commercial mortgages to buy their own business space. Others get them to invest in real estate. Whatever the reason, there are at least 6 essential terms that commercial mortgage borrowers need to be familiar with before signing on the dotted line. 1. Amortization Commercial loans are amortized, meaning that the principal and interest required are spread out together over the life of the loan. That means every payment includes both principal and interest. Yet commercial loans […]

You may be familiar with the structure of residential mortgages, but how do they compare to commercial mortgages