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Finding enough cash to get your small new business started or keep it running can be one of the biggest challenges you face as an entrepreneur. Here is a list of 8 different sources of business funding that can save your company’s future: 1. Friends and Family Before you groan at the idea of hitting up your loved ones for cash, you should know that friends and relatives are one of the most common sources for startups. No one knows you or believes in you more than this crowd. And they may be […]

One of the best new ways to raising business funding is through crowdfunding. With online platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe, going straight to the public for working capital has never been easier. Of course to successfully raise money on a crowdfunding platform, there are several essential steps to be taken even before you post your business idea. In order to make sure your product or service will be a big hit on a crowdfunding site, you need to test the market. A great way to […]

Angel investors and venture capitalists have been a major source of funding for small businesses in the past, but according to a recent survey by Massolution, crowdfunding may soon overtake both groups as the financing vehicle of choice. The survey found that crowdfunding is on track to provide more funding to small businesses by 2016 than VCs. The crowdfunding industry has grown from just $880 million in investments in 2010 to $16 billion in 2014 and a projected $34 billion for 2015. By contrast, […]

Starting and running a business requires capital. The source of that capital can be variable depending on which stage a business is in. Below is a quick rundown of the most popular methods of business financing. Angel Investors Angel investors contribute money typically to fledgling businesses and they do so because they want to see the company or owner succeed. The money does not generally have to be repaid but investors may want some equity share or other remuneration. Bank Loans Banks […]

Creating a start-up means putting it all together on paper successfully first. This phase definitely requires lots of patience to be thorough rather than rushing into an exciting idea.

Crowdfunding is one of the newest and fastest-growing ways to fund certain small business ventures….

Crowdfunding groups raised $2.66 billion for companies and individuals in 2012 and it is projected that they will raise $5.1 billion in 2013. With all that cash floating around, it’s time to find out if crowdfunding is right for your business venture.

When most people think about starting and financing a small business, they probably think of bank loans. However, since the financial crisis, banks have tightened their lending belts, making it much more difficult for small businesses to borrow money these days. The good news is there are plenty of other less-traditional sources of funding available to entrepreneurs. Government Loans The Small Business Administration guarantees all sorts of loans, from microloans of just a few thousand dollars […]