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If your company relies on the contracts of just a few big clients, it is essential to you to know that each of those clients is likely to make good on their financial obligations. There are several ways to vet a client before taking on that contract. Part One discussed running business credit reports and doing some background searches. Here are a few more tips for discovering the creditworthiness of any potential client: Ask for References It is completely appropriate to ask potential clients […]

Small businesses often need commercial real estate loans to purchase property for their company. These mortgages can also be used to refinance existing loans or to get funding to redevelop properties a firm already owns. Whatever the reason, securing the loan is an important part of achieving the goal. Here are three important mistakes to avoid when applying for a commercial loan. A Lack of CashMost commercial real estate loans require a substantial amount of money for a down payment. Yet lenders […]

The decision to lease or buy your business space is a complex one, more challenging even than deciding to rent or own a home. Take a look at a just a few factors you ought to consider before making a decision. How Fast Do You Expect Your Business to Grow? Trying to anticipate the size of your business in the next five or ten years can be difficult. If you foresee the need for more space in the future, you might be better off leasing for now until your growth reaches a plateau. If your business […]