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In searching for an extra boost of financing for your company you have probably researched resources like angel investors and venture capitalists. One funding group you may not have considered is the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC). There are hundreds of these Small Business Administration-backed investment firms with plenty of ready capital waiting to be devoted to the right company. SBICs have been around for more than half a century and today there are over 300 operating firms. The […]

In the business world, venture capital is a highly sought-after commodity – outsiders willing to invest their own money into a growing company in exchange for equity or other compensation.

When it comes to financing, most startup companies start with bootstrapping – using personal funds as well as petitioning friends and family to ‘donate’ to the new firm. After that they often turn to commercial lenders to secure a small business loan. In these days when loans are still hard to come by, there may be another option out there: equity investments. Equity investments are money contributed by investors in exchange for equity or share in the company’s stock. The investors do […]