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Securing a small business loan can sometimes mean the difference between failure and survival for new and growing companies. Yet there are many mistakes some entrepreneurs make when preparing to apply for small business funding. Putting some basic principles into practice will help you avoid those mistakes and be in a better position to get that much needed cash infusion. 1. Safeguard your Credit Both your personal and business credit histories will be important to lenders evaluating your loan […]

Angel investors and venture capitalists get a lot of attention when it comes to small business financing, but in reality startups get much more business funding from family and friends. A report from Fundable.com found that 2013, friend and family members poured $60 billion into small businesses while venture capitalists invested just $22 million and angel investors contributed only $20 billion. In fact 38% of all startup entrepreneurs in 2013 raised money from their loved ones, with the average […]

There are several resources available to small business owners that can provide the cash needed for daily and monthly operations.

Even those who have been rejected for loans from big banks in the past several years may now have a good chance of scoring a loan. Just be sure to do some essential preparation in order to lock in that financing

Crowdfunding is one of the newest and fastest-growing ways to fund certain small business ventures….

U.S. military veterans will have an easier time borrowing money for their businesses during the next year, thanks to a reduction in fees from the Small Business Administration.

Finding enough funding is often one of the hardest parts of starting your own company. Venture capitalists can be the solution to your small business financing needs, provided you entice the right ones to your enterprise. The Washington Post reported that venture capitalists contributed $26.5 billion to start-up firms in 2012. So how do you attract investors and secure a piece of that funding? Highlight Your Business’ Unique Selling Points Venture capitalists – individuals or groups willing […]