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Just like finding funding is the main priority of most new small businesses, fundraising is often the focus of non-profit organizations. There are many ways to fundraise, but the key to success is keeping your whole team focused as you implement a carefully-planned strategy. An effective strategy starts with the right attitude. Instead of feeling like you are begging for money, think of fundraising as developing partnerships with donors, as connecting people with your cause. The rest of a winning […]

Once you have struck upon your big idea for a business and made a plan for how to begin, the next step is to raise up enough cash to get started. How do you know how much money you will need? Here are 2 strategies for determining how much you need to fundraise. Set a Goal For First-Round Funding One action plan suggests that you start with careful research to set a funding goal for your first stage of business. This includes talking with potential clients or customers to understand what they […]

Business loans are not the only path to steady cash flow for non-profits. Among the many different ways to finance a non-profit company is to host a fundraising event. While this requires a lot of careful planning and hard work, it can definitely pay off financially. Determine the Event Type A successful fundraising activity can take many forms. Cocktail and formal dinners are popular and traditional events, but golf tournaments, 5k runs, auctions, and galas with famous entertainers are also […]